Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Gujarat Cop Praised For Carrying 2 Kids On Shoulders In Knee-Deep Flood Water

A video of the constable's brave act has gone viral on social media, earning him praise from many, including Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.


In a heartwarming gesture, a police constable carried two children on his shoulders, and waded through knee-deep water in order to move them to safety from flooded Kalyanpur village in Morbi district of Gujarat.

A video of the constable's brave act has gone viral on social media, earning him praise from many, including Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Constable Pruthvirajsinh Jadeja, who is attached to Tankara police station, rushed to Kalyanpur village on Saturday along with other policemen after coming to know that 42 people, including 17 children, were stranded there due to flooding as a result of incessant downpour in the region.

When the policemen found that the water level was rising, they launched a rescue operation along with local swimmers and villagers.

In order to shift the stranded people from the place, they even constructed a makeshift boat.

However, Jadeja decided to carry two of the stranded children on his shoulders to move them to safety.

Carrying them on his shoulders, he waded through knee-deep water for around 800 metres and moved them to a safer place.

Jadeja, who hurt his leg in the process, said one of his colleagues helped him by administering first aid to him.

The police team finally moved all the stranded villagers to safety.

"What we have done is just perform our duty. The first thing that came to my mind is how to save around 42 villagers, including 17 children, stranded at a shelter in Kalyanpur village in the district as the water level was rising," Jadeja said.

"We reached the site and decided to save them. We even constructed a boat on the spot to help shift them," he added.

Jadeja said this could not have been possible without the assistance of others, including policemen and locals, who were present there and took part in the rescue operation.

Chief minister Rupani even called him on Saturday evening and praised him for his act.

"The chief minister spoke to me in the evening and said what you and your team has done is praiseworthy. Keep doing the good job...I received a minor injury, for which my colleague Firozkhan Pathan helped me," he said.

Tweeting the video showing Jadeja carrying the two children, Rupani said, "A man in uniform on duty...!! Police constable Shri Pruthvirajsinh Jadeja is one of the many examples of Hard work, Determination and Dedication of Government official, executing duties in the adverse
situation. Do appreciate their commitment."

Rain-related mishaps in Gujarat claimed the lives of 19 people on Friday and Saturday, including 16 in the incidents of wall/building collapse, as Saurashtra and central Gujarat were lashed by heavy rains.