Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Following The Path Sharad Pawar Has Shown Us: Parth Pawar

In an interview with Outlook, Pawar scion Parth Pawar talks about his decision of joining politics and also, shares his vision for his constituency Maval.

NCP leader Parth Pawar File Photo

Making his debut in the Lok Sabha elections, Pawar scion Parth Pawar tells Outlook about why he decided to join politics and his vision for the constituency.

Q: When did you decide to join active politics and contest elections and why?

Frankly speaking, I was not keen to enter politics. I was supporting my father and party office-bearers, and that is why I have been visiting this (Maval) constituency for a long time. These people are my extended family. These people, the karyakartas of this constituency wanted me to contest from here, hence I decided to contest elections.

Q: It is being said that Sharad Pawar stepped aside to make way for you. What do you have to say?

This is a fabricated version created by media. Being a member of the Rajya Sabha, Hon. Pawar Saheb is getting more years to be in the Parliament. So, in a way we are adding to our strength by placing another candidate in Madha.

Q: How is he guiding you? How did you prepare for this election?

We all seek the guidance of Pawar Saheb. There is no special treatment for me being a member of the family. Saheb's wisdom and his understanding of politics and society is adorable, and it should be fetched by all karyakartas. We all are following him and walking on the path he showed us.

Q: According to you, what are the main issues in Maval?

Apart from solving socio-economic problems, I'll work towards the development of agro-tourism in the constituency. I want to encourage some youth-centric small-scale businesses here. I'll also be focusing on the preservation and promotion of historical forts in the constituency. To successfully implement my vision, a robust roadmap needs to be laid starting with empowering my farmers, bringing in a proper amalgamation of technology and farming to enhance production and hence improved livelihood of people. I also want to provide better and affordable health care facilities for people with qualified doctors available round the clock. Maval is undergoing multiple issues related to haphazard urbanisation process, still lacking Industrial growth and hence affecting the unemployment ratio of the region. I will also like to focus on this.

Q: Manifestos of Congress-NCP have promised many things, but what are your aims for Maval constituency?

We want to take forward the developmental work done in Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and extend it in other parts of the constituency. We want to bring in self-sustaining model, which will help in making my constituency an industrial and global investment hub. The biggest positive of this constituency is its connectivity to the major cities of the state. The proximity and sources are not fully tapped currently. There’s a big opportunity for tourism in Maval as it has been gifted with beautiful landscapes. Due to its proximity to Mumbai it can be turned into an educational hub as well. I want to work in all these departments to develop the constituency.