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How To Build An NFT Community? Learn From The Founders Of NFT Malayali

How To Build An NFT Community? Learn From The Founders Of NFT Malayali

NFT Malayali, a global network of NFT artists with origins in Kerala are taking the NFT world by a storm. The founders are on a mission to help more and more artists venture into the crypto world to get the worth for their work.

Art work by Reshidev RK

Take a scoop of talent, mix well with crypto-skills, add a dash of Malayali camaraderie.
That’s the quintessential spirit of NFT Malayali – the up and coming and fast emerging NFT community – primarily created for Malayali artists of the planet.

Art Of Start
The brainchild of two artist-designers – Melvin, 38, and Nadamel, 23, – NFT Malayali is now the strongest name emerging out of India as an NFT creators community. Earlier this year, Melvin and Nadamel who were just taking his first steps into the crypto world and NFTs started a micro-group on WhatsApp. Slowly the group of just five members today has become a large community of Malayali artists with 600 creators worldwide, attached to NFT Malayali.

Floating on cryptoverse: Artwork by Nadamel and Melvin

The Duo
Anantha Krishnan Nadamel, 23, was already minting NFTs when Melvin, an artist himself was drawn into the idea of creating a full-fledged platform for artists who had a lot to offer creatively but were not finding a way to market their work.

“It was during the pandemic that many artists suffered and then the NFT space started opening up. With a bit of handholding and crypto knowledge many artists started converting their work into NFTs and started making money. Our vision is to reach out to all local artists, artists in remote spaces and undiscovered artists to come out and showcase their work and also gain financially. The NFT space is immensely empowering for artists,” Melvin, co-founder NFT Malayali told Outlook on a call from Texas where he currently resides.

“I started with a few NFTs and then kept minting as I kept selling my work and kept minting more – the confidence starts building as you keep minting and your style gets accepted. Learning the technology part is not the biggest hurdle but it is really wise to focus on the art itself so that you stand out and create a signature,” said Nadamel, the other co-founder. Nadamel has already got to his credit over 60 NFTs and is possibly the highest selling NFT creator from India at the moment.

Initially, NFT Malayali started with a blog on Medium. Then it started featuring Malayali artists. Now the scope of NFT Malayali has gone beyond the niche of Malayali NFT minters and showcases several NFT artists of Indian origin from all over the world.

NFT Malayali team apart from Melvin and Nadamel has a blockchain advisor, Adeeb, a content creative, Boho, an event moderator Shaarif and a discord admin, Albin.


Wise Words

Some advise ready for anyone wanting to venture into the NFT space – as available right off the NFT blog:

Be patient, play long-term games with long-term people

Share your WHY

Authentically engage with the NFT community

Uplift fellow NFT artists

Pay it forward to those following in your footsteps

Be willing to experiment

Never spam a collector

 Nadamel and Melvin, the co-founders of NFT Malayali


Currently Featured

NFT Malyali is at present running a showcase series for artists. The artist who is now featured on their platform is artist, illustrator and senior designer turned NFT Artist — Reshidev RK. His artwork has been used as the lead picture for this feature.