October 24, 2020
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'Give Us A Package And Solve Our Problem'

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'Give Us A Package And Solve Our Problem'

The people of Jammu-Kashmir appreciate the efforts of Prime Minister towards making friendly relations between India and Pakistan. The people of Jammu and Kashmir want that there should be peace and friendship in India and Pakistan.

Militants kill each and every person whether he is Hindu or Muslim. If you want to tackle the militancy then do not make it a Hindu-Muslim issue. You say that Supreme Court jurisdiction, Election Commission jurisdiction does not suit Kashmiri people. It is to be decided by us whether it suits us or not.

You want to trust Hurriyat who want to segregate Kashmir from India. You want to talk to JKLF who are talking about Independence. You want to ignore National Conference who want to keep J & K intact with India.

Innocent people are killed there. You assure people of Kashmir that they will get justice in this country. They will not live in India. You give us a package and solve our problem. The innocent killings should be completely stopped.

If you want to defeat the game of Pakistan advise Hindus migrated from Kashmir to come back.

I support the peace initiative taken by the Prime Minister.

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