February 18, 2020
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Blast From The Past

From The Outlook Archives

A collection of some of our stories on the government-Reliance controversies over K-G basin gas

From The Outlook Archives

petroleum: d6 block
The government and Reliance seem joined for a legal face-off over K-G D6
Lola Nayar
Magazine | May 21, 2012
business: gas
RIL’s brazen demand: allow us to sell local gas at the price set for imported gas
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Feb 13, 2012
business: KG basin gas
The government mulls an opening gambit against Reliance on KG gas
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Oct 17, 2011
oil & gas controversy
By exposing its lesser arm, is the petromin hiding bigger sins?
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jul 18, 2011
CAG report: fallout
The Centre, RIL squirm under the gimlet-eyed CAG report
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jun 27, 2011
Business: Reliance
Suspicions, theories abound. The D6 gas imbroglio reaches combustion levels.
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jun 13, 2011
power: fuel shortage
We have the power capacity, but not the fuel to generate it
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Apr 25, 2011
reliance: gas production
Reliance scales back K-G basin gas estimates. Pressure tactics?
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Apr 04, 2011
controversy: Cairn Energy
With the government firmly opposed to the Cairn sellout, Vedanta has hit another roadblock
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Sep 13, 2010
business: gas wars
The government stands firm at the Reliance gas row, holds all future levers, keeps ends open
Lola Nayar
Magazine | May 24, 2010
reliance: gas wars
The Ambani gas feud shows the petroleum ministry in a poor light. Will India feel the burn?
Lola Nayar, Chandrani Banerjee
Magazine | Aug 17, 2009
oil pricing panel report
A panel report on oil prices prescribes drastic reforms
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Aug 25, 2008
economy: reforms
The question of a windfall tax on private oil firms cannot escape the political angle
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jul 21, 2008
The former petroleum secretary feels we gradually need to move towards a full or near-full neutralisation of global prices
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jun 16, 2008
economy: oil price hike
Bad timing, shocking scale—they say. But any oil price hike is ruled by a rude logic.
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jun 16, 2008
rupee: the slide
A weakening rupee isn't good news for inflation, but exporters exult
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Jun 02, 2008
energy: biofuels
India's biofuel programme is examining non-edible sources to ensure food security
Lola Nayar
Magazine | May 26, 2008
economy: oil prices
Pay more for oil, soon. We'll pay anyway: in hidden taxes and lower social spending.
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Dec 03, 2007
government: ongc
Politics and corporate lobbying may influence the search for ONGC's CMD
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Apr 30, 2007
ongc: cmd appointment
Did politics, business lobbies and its past record force the PMO to reject R.S. Sharma as ONGC's new boss?
Lola Nayar
Magazine | Feb 26, 2007
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