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World Gin Day: An Expert Guide To Gin, The Most Trendy Drink

World Gin Day: An Expert Guide To Gin, The Most Trendy Drink

On World Gin Day, let's take a look at the history of Gin and the art of mixing a cocktail

Roku Gin is an artful balance of six unique Japanese botanicals that add to its complexity

Gin is one of the most loved and popular white spirits – People all over the world have taken up this Juniper-based spirit as their preferred indulgence over other spirits and for good reason. Who knew a spirit used for medical purposes would end up being so popular among people of all ages? 

Not only do people love the classic G&T but with the recent cocktail culture of making DIY cocktails at home, people have been experimenting with tons of new recipes like the Gimlet, El Chapo, Gin Sour, and many more. 

Did you know that there are multiple types of Gin available in the Market? From traditional London Dry Gin and Old Tom Gin to Plymouth Gin and Japanese Gin – we have it all. This World Gin Day, we got in touch with Zoran Peric, International Brand Ambassador, The House of Suntory to acquaint ourselves with these different types of Gin.

“Gin is a distilled alcoholic beverage with Juniper berries as the principal flavouring ingredient. There are various styles of Gin ranging from London Dry, Sloe Gin to the emergence of the craft Gin experience which is very relevant to Roku,” Peric says.  

While discussing the difference between English Gin and Japanese Gin, Peric says, “Japan is known for immaculate craftsmanship, perfectionism and attention to detail that reflects not only in its food and culture but is also translated into the unique flavours of Japanese Gin. What makes Japanese Gins truly exceptional is the emphasis on using premium-quality indigenous ingredients such as Yuzu, sakura, Japanese tea, sansho peppers, and bamboo. These botanicals lend a floral and citrus note to the Gin which distinguishes it from other Western gins.” 

He adds, “From grain to glass, Japanese Gin captures the legendary art of diversity in creating the perfect blend using six herbs and aromatics that are exclusive to Japan. The process of creating Roku is completely different from other international gins where each ingredient, traditional as well as local Japanese, are individually distilled and then blended for the perfect serve.”

Wondering if there’s a right way to enjoy Gin? Peric tells us, “While Roku Gin serves the ideal base for delicate cocktails due to its beautifully layered flavours, its exemplary flavour outshines in a flavourful standalone drink as ‘Gin and Tonic’. This perfect serve requires only three ingredients, Gin (30ml), Premium Tonic (120ml), and 6 ginger sticks. To prepare this, you need to place large ice cubes in a tall glass/gin goblet and add Tonic and ginger sticks to it along with Gin at the end. The simplicity yet the finesse of this drink is unmatchable that rightly brings forth the nuances and complexity of Gin. Of course, it can also be paired up with fresh ingredients of the local market.”

Peric also tells us that pairing Gin with food is also a good option. “Gin is an artful balance of six unique Japanese botanicals that add to its complexity making it a flavourful masterpiece that can be paired with various food items including local food, especially using ingredients at the peak of their flavor (seasonal ingredients). Japanese dishes such as Grilled Shrimp, Miso Soup, Sashimi, and Japanese Hot Pot can be enjoyed together with yuzu peel as its top note; it can also be paired with Matcha Ice Cream or cheesecake.”

This World Gin Day, forget the basics and try these cocktails put together by Peric:

 Japanese Gin & Tonic

Roku 30 ml, Premium Tonic 120 ml, 6 Ginger sticks.

Method: Place large ice cubes in a tall glass/gin goblet. Add 

Tonic and ginger sticks. Add Roku at the end.

Roku Sonic

Roku 30 ml, Premium Tonic 30 ml, Premium Soda 30 ml, Lime

Method: Add ice to a highball glass and stir to chill the glass. Add Roku and stir to chill the gin. Top with tonic and soda

Roku Sour

 Roku 60 ml, Matcha tea 10 ml, 1 egg white, Yuzu wheel

 Method: Add egg whites to shaker and shake to aerate. Add Roku and Matcha tea and shake. Strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a yuzu wheel.

Yuzu Derby

Roku 45ml, Grapefruit Juice 15 ml, Lemon Juice 10 ml, Yuzu Cordial 20 ml, Grapefruit bitters 1 dash

Method: Shake. Top with premium soda. Garnish with lemon peel and lime leaf