Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Sonam Kapoor Speaks Up On MeToo, Patriarchy And Women Empowerment

Sonam Kapoor has opened up about the silence of Bollywood in the matters of women harassment.

Actress Sonam Kapoor boldly opened up about the various issues faced by Indian women in real life including the issue of #MeToo campaign which has lately swept over the entire film industry. In an interview with the Business of Fashion, the Neerja actress revealed why most of the celebrities in Bollywood opt to remain silent on matters related to women harassment in the industry. On being asked as to why the high profile people in Bollywood haven’t said anything about the #MeToo movement, Sonam quipped people choose to remain silent because there is a lot of shaming and victim blaming in India.

Sonam also added that she has in fact spoken up about the campaign and has even penned down an article on it. Sonam added that she is very lucky to have a family that supports her in every aspect of her life and this is where she gets the safety net. But most of the girls and boys do not have such kind of security or safety in their homes. Sonam also agreed that India is a patriarchal country where women are treated as garbage. So, the women are scared to talk about it. Sonam also revealed that some of her close friends in Bollywood have also encountered horrible sexual encounters in the film industry.

Sonam Kapoor wrote a powerful article on the #MeToo movement in India which was published in Elle India. The actress expressed her desire to join the movement in the article.