June 20, 2021
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Parineeti Chopra's Weight Loss Secret Can Help You go from fat to fit

Parineeti worked hard to shed the extra kilos she had in order to fit into the industry and she did it well. If you're like her and despise going to the gym, her weight loss secret is just what you might need!

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Parineeti Chopra's Weight Loss Secret Can Help You go from fat to fit
Parineeti Chopra's Weight Loss Secret Can Help You go from fat to fit

This Bubbly actress from B'Town has won millions of hearts with her amazing acting skills and her cheerful attitude. But that's not the only thing that Chopra is known for! She is popular for her amazing weight loss journey when she dropped quite a few sizes in very little time. But that's not even the best part. Irrespective of her profession, Parineeti has always been unapologetic about her weight and has always accepted her body the way it is. She was never scared of talking about her weight and being unfit for a long time. Even now, she's someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is never out of place! Before she became a beloved part of B-town, Parineeti was a chubby girl and it took her a while to go from fat to fit! It did not happen overnight and it was a long journey for her. Even though she was comfortable in her own skin, she wasn't comfortable with the fact that she was overweight and this kickstarted her weight loss journey.

Parineeti hated not having enough options to dress up and having to limit herself because of her side and dealing with ill-fitted clothes due to her size. Her inspirational weight loss journey might help you get back in shape. Parineeti Chopra's weight loss secret is just what most of us need to get into shape.

Parineeti hates workout in the gym which made it very difficult for her to lose weight. But she didn't lose hope. She made her workout more interesting to match her style and comfort. Parineeti includes a little bit of dancing in her workout routine which keeps her from getting bored and makes it more fun. She also practices a form of a martial arts called Kalaripayattu. She also includes yoga which is a great low impact workout which improves her mental and physical health and helps improve her flexibility. Pari also enjoys doing some meditation for mental peace and stability. It keeps her at peace and helps relieve stress. She also enjoys swimming every now and then. Even though she hates gyming, Parineeti pushes herself to hit the gym from time to time in order to maintain the balance. She believes that being disciplined and consistent is essential if you want to get into shape and she does not believe in looking at the number on the scale.

Being from a Punjabi family, Parineeti is a hardcore foodie and watch her diet was never easy for her. It seemed impossible to give up on all those extra calories that she loved and it took a lot of strength but she was able to give it all up. To top it off, Parineeti has a poor metabolism which means that putting on weight is very easy for her. In order to make things go in the right direction, she started by indulging all her cravings but focusing on portion control. She balances out her diet by eating healthy and burning extra calories if she indulges herself. She includes a lot of protein-rich foods in her diet like egg whites and milk and has cut all artificial sweeteners from her diet. She goes with sugar-free milk and sugar-free juice. She has replaced white bread with brown and white rice with brown rice. She ensures that she eats low-fat food and keeps her oil intake to the minimum. She also eats her dinner early, around 7-8 pm, in order to give her digestive system a little break.

(Source: pinkvilla.com)

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