Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

'HIT 2': Nani Reveals Why Adivi Sesh Is The Perfect Choice For The Film

Telugu actor and producer Nani revealed Adivi Sesh's first look from 'HIT 2' today. In an interview with Outlook, he reveals why the latter was fit to take on the second installment of the hit franchise.

Actors Nani and Adivi Sesh at the launch of 'Hit 2' Instagram/Adivisesh

Telugu star Nani is gearing up for the release of his next film 'Shayam Singh Roy'. While movie buffs have been excited for a long time to see him on the big screen, another project of Nani, that has got everyone's attention is 'HIT 2', the sequel of his blockbuster 2020 production 'HIT: The First Case'.  Nani feels that this film's lead actor Adivi Sesh is the perfect choice for the role as proved his mettle in captivating the audience's attention in the genre of thrillers.

'HIT: The First Case' was headlined by actor Vishwak Sen

Adivi, who revealed his first look from the film today (December 17) has delivered back to back hit in similar genres with his films such as 'Kshanam', 'Evaru' and 'Goodachari'.

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In an interview with Outlook, Nani reveals that 'HIT 2' is going to be way bigger than its predecessor.

"What happened in the first part, is that we dealt with HIT, - Homicide Intervention team, Telangana department. We thought, let's go with a franchise which is concept oriented rather than a star oriented. We decided to start the second part in Andhra Pradesh, so we needed a different officer, to play the role. Even the film was going into a bigger space. Sesh is the guy who really pulls off thrillers really really well. He has already proved himself so well. We thought it would be amazing if he does it. It is very different from what he has done but at the same time, it is his strength. The genre is his strength," Nani Tells us.

The film has been shot in Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad and also stars actress Meenakshii Chaudhary as the lead in the film.

Giving an update about the second film, Nani lets out that fans should expect something unexpected at the end of 'HIT 2'.

"The film is 90-95 percent done with the shoot of 'HIT 2' and we are very happy with it because it has come out so well. There is also a surprise at the end of 'Hit 2," says Nani.

Talking about 'Shayam Singh Roy', Nani says that the film's story, which showcases him in two different timelines and in two different characters, has a strong emotional chord binding it all together.

"It is a kind of thriller with two stories happening in different timelines and a lot happening in screenplay. There is a solid emotional core throughout the film. To have this kind of multiple stories running with so many emotions running parallel to each other, I think it is very exciting and the audience will also feel that," he says.