October 29, 2020
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Enron - Power Play

The Godbole Committee Report vindicates our stand over the years -- and here is a collection of the complete Outlook coverage.

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Enron - Power Play
Shades Of Electric Blue
The only way for Enron to get out of its Dabhol power project mess is to sell off and quit Indian shores
Magazine | April 9, 2001

The Circuitry Of Darkness
It isn't just a deal gone bad, the Dabhol affair could undermine future investment—and most of India's assets are staked on it
Magazine | February 19, 2001

California Electric Blues
It's blackout time in the richest US state as power biggies like Enron face investigations and consumer suits
Magazine | February 19, 2001

Everything We Own
Magazine | February 19, 2001

Groping In The Dark
The government's failure to streamline the sector has only heightened the clamour for privatisation
Magazine | December 25, 2000

What Price Power?
Pressured to cancel the Dabhol project, and not to, the state also staggers under the cost burden
Magazine | December 18, 2000

Power Politics: The Reincarnation of Rumpelstiltskin
Arundhati Roy explores the power politics that unites the indian elite, its big buisness and the Multinationals, endangering in the process not only the country's economy but also its real people.
Magazine | November 27,2000

The Power Of Legitimacy
Abhay Mehta's charge of manipulation in the Dabhol deal is trumped up, writes Enron India's CEO
Magazine | Jan 24 2000

How They Rammed It Through
In a new book, energy analyst Abhay Mehta reveals how every law of the land was subverted in the Enron deal. Excerpts.
Magazine | 13 Dec 1999

The Contract Killer
Enron rakes it in as Maharashtra is forced to strike cheaper sources of power off its shopping list
Magazine | 16 Aug 1999

A writ alleges that Reliance and Enron bribed the Powers that be to wangle the Panna-Mukta contract that be to the ...
Charubala Annuncio 
Magazine | Nov 3 1997

Same Difference
Inadmissible evidence on what we will really pay for the power
Magazine | 18 Sept 1996
Power Play

More Heat Than Light
The atmosphere gets electric as Enron is dragged into the courtroom once again
Magazine | May 15 1996
What Sort Of Deal Is This?

The Battle That Never Was
The shadow boxing between Enron and the Maharashtra government turns into a win-win solution
Magazine | October 18 1995

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