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Do horoscope matching really work

In our last interview, Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of India's best astrologers, revealed a very strong connection between a person's married life and career/profession. And also, that person's married life can affect career directly, so we were inclined to know what one should do to have a happy married life? And you should not get surprised that he attributed all secrets of married life to matching the kundli. He says marriage is a union of two persons, but a perfect horoscope matching for marriage plays a pivotal role in this union. We also asked him can a person not marry without matching the charts? And extended this subject by asking him some prevalent questions related to how do horoscopes matching works in astrology and what should one know for matching charts for marriage? Here are the excerpts of this conversation: 

Question: Do kundalini /astrology matter in marriage decisions?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Definitely. Yes, your Kundalini in Astrology does matter in marriage decisions. Kundalini is a synonym of Kundali/horoscope/birth chart/natal chart but the meaning remains the same. The Kundli or horoscope is the governor of all the aspects of human life, and marriage is therefore no different. I have often read even experienced people faulting this science on the pretext that even after due verification of the horoscope, the marriage broke or did not run the way it should have been. For all these people, I would like to say that you should first experience the deep insights as to how does horoscope matters in marriage decisions and how does the kundli matching for marriage should be done. Many astrologers know it, but incidentally, most do not. Your horoscope tells all about marriage, when will you marry, whom you will marry, who can be perfect soul mate for you, how to check compatibility with your life partner, how will be your progeny, and how will be your married life. This is what one would need to know before marriage & once you have answers to these questions from your horoscope, I am sure you know how kundli or astrology matter in marriage decisions. But for this, one needs to judge who can be a good astrologer for marriage predictions. I do not say who is the best astrologer for marriage predictions. Still, I can tell you how to use your own cheat sheet to judge a good astrologer for marriage predictions or, for that matter for any astrological advice.  

Question: Which is better, love or arranged marriage according to date of birth?

DVB: Marriage is the union of two persons and, therefore, two horoscopes. So, in my opinion, which is better, love or arranged marriage by date of birth, depends on how compatible two horoscopes are according to birth details. If these two concerned persons have a universally good horoscope, there would be no problem in first falling in love and then marrying. But if even one has a typically stern horoscope towards marriage and the other horoscope does not have a counter-balancing force, then the idea of falling in love and then marrying without matching the horoscope could have a very negative effect on their lives. 

I am not against love- marriage but experience says that love somehow gets replaced by other facts and life necessities after marriage. If the horoscope does not have any neutralizing force, then the love after sometimes vanishes, and the couple often argues and fight. I feel love marriage where two persons already know many things about each other; love marriage can be a better option. But here, one important thing is to read each other's nature in future life decisions mainly related to career ambitions, financials, & adjustment with each other's families. To prevent this, it is better to get the horoscope matched even if the couple is in deep love. Here let me tell you that by matching the horoscope, love marriage can be even better than arranged marriage. 

Question: can one predict about life partner/spouse?

DVB: Definitely, yes! Any experienced marriage astrologer can do it, provided the one is well-versed in reading the peculiarities of a horoscope. A good marriage astrologer should have the capabilities to read the ascendant, decedent, Venus, Jupiter of both the D-1 and D-9 charts in tandem.  

With such deep study of horoscope, predictions regarding future spouse/life partner's profession, background, nature, age difference, color and texture, and distance of the spouse can be very well made. 

In the same way, predictions of marriage timing can be made using astrology. Another very important thing is that using astrology, cheating or infidelity tendencies of the person also can be found out.  

Question: What happens when both partners have the same Nadi?

DVB: The Nadi is the most crucial factor in marriage matching and carries 8 points out of 36 points. If both boy and the girl have the same Nadi, it amounts to a Nadi Dosha. If we go by the defined rules of astrology and the persons of same Nadi marry, there can be issues like childbirth, sexual problems, frequent quarrels or even the death threat to the opposite spouse. But let me also tell you that there are many 'Pariharam' or cancellations of the Nadi Dosha. Suppose a Nadi dosha supported by certain other malefic in one horoscope causes the concerns as mentioned. In that case, the presence of some good combinations (Yogas) in the other horoscope can ease this Nadi Dosha. As calculated from a calculator, fifty per cent of the horoscope with a Nadi Dosha get that cancellation. But please consult about this Nadi Dosha cancellation only from an experienced marriage astrologer; else, the issues can be serious. I am witness to many marriages who had this Nadi Dosha, but the couple has been enjoying an extremely happy married living together & have healthy children too. Because in such cases, Nadi Dosha was eased out or, say, alleviated with the presence of benefic combinations (Yogas) in one of their horoscope. 


Question: Can one marry if horoscopes do not match? 

DVB: Yes one can marry if the horoscopes do not match. Many enjoy a long and unblemished married life despite having a very low Asthakoot or Dashakoot match. I witness many successful marriages, which had Mangal Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, and Nadi Dosha or had other known obstructions in marriage. 

Coming back to your question can one marry if horoscopes do not match: you see, we match the horoscopes to check how relationship compatibility would be between the two persons. And how would they respond to each other's expectations and needs in future? Now here my advice is to either match the horoscopes based on comprehensive Vedic compatibility factors. With the changing times, charts matching for marriage are much beyond the only old method of marrying after Gun Milan. OR go for counselling session before the marriage. This also works fine where all the areas of life post marriage with probable points of differences are put before the couple & kind of an opinion reconciliation is drawn. 

I mastered marriage astrology while I was pursuing my doctorate in astrology. In those times, I visited many family courts to get the horoscopes of the couples who had some issues in their marriages and were seeking a divorce. What astonished me was that most couples would say that their horoscopes were successfully matched before solemnizing the marriage; however, they ended up in courts to resolve their disputes. So non-matching the horoscopes in those cases was not the reason for unrest in marriage, but it was flawed matching of Kundli. Rather, a flawed horoscopes matching method would have given them some wrong notions & reduced their adaptability to many important factors of married life.  

After experiencing these phenomena regularly, I further ventured into Vedic astrology's classics, which revealed that only comprehensive matching of horoscopes would lead to an unblemished marriage and the Asthakoot or Dashakoot match is just an initial check that has to be applied. Unfortunately, most of us decide on a marriage proposal based on this Gun-Milan, which gives flawed results. 

Understand that the conventional Gun-Milan is based on the placement of Moon in a particular Nakshatra. In contrast, it completely ignores other planets' influence on marriages, such as the Lord of the Seventh houses, the strength of the 7th House, the Karakas of marriages such as Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. Apart from this, the Gun- Milan is utterly silent on the other planets' influences on marriage's Bhavas. Therefore, either go for a comprehensive Kundali Milan or marry without matching the charts with just a small counselling session before the marriage. This becomes more promising in the case of love marriages. Go on my website to read how pre-marital counselling can do wonders. 

Question: what does astrology say about second marriage?

DVB:  Whenever there is a matter of second marriage, that means the planets and houses overlooking marriage in person's horoscopes are not nice. And some malefic in the House of marriage have already played their role. If you ask me what astrology says about second marriage: it says that the complex set of negative planets would have created series of negative effects to blemish the 7th House (House of spouse) , affected the Karaka of Marriage , Venus and Jupiter and has spoiled the Navamsha. Once these factors get activated, they may remain active in second or other subsequent marriages also. Such things can be neutralized only when the chart of the other person counter-balances such negatives. And mind you, second marriage; not essentially but generally happen between the two aggrieved persons, so the chances of such negativities in both the charts are brighter. But the peculiarity or intensity can be different; thus it is highly recommended to go for second marriage only after matching the horoscopes by date of birth that too, as explained above. I even go one step further, suggesting person go for a marriage counselling session before going for second marriage. If the horoscopes are matched, proper counselling therapy is taken, all pros and cons considering what you faced in the first marriage are discussed, the second marriage will not fail. A person should not decide on second marriage in a hurry lest the happiness of marriage become a life curse. 

An Astro- marriage counsellor can be the best guide who can put forth the methods to negotiate the ill effects of the negativity creating planets. Mind you, a karmic correction is best in such a case, as going through mindless rituals can complicate matters further. 

Question: How does the wife's horoscope affects husband horoscope?

DVB:  Yes, it works both ways, i.e., the husband's horoscope affects the wife's horoscope and vice -versa.A horoscope has a complete Kendra-house or 'Bhav' dedicated to the spouse. Kendra houses are known to function as the powerhouse for the horoscope, and most importantly, they fructify or give results irrespective of the Dasha or the periods. 

So, when a person activates his/her House of spouse by getting married, he/she switches the power button of his/her powerhouse. The fate which is interwoven with this House too gets a boost. 

Everyone experiences a change of luck as he/she becomes a transformed person after marriage. It is essential to make the maximum use of the positive energy that comes with this transformation. The impact this transformation will produce depends upon the relative placement of planets in both the horoscopes. 

Question: How to handle separation and divorce cases in astrology?

 DVB: Separation or divorce happen due to a sour relationship, is no great thing I am saying. But then creating harmony in the relationship is what astrology helps you in, so astrology can tell you to handle divorce cases also. A good marriage astrologer can first identify the reasons for divorce, co-relating it with combinations in your birth chart as explained above. Now here, if the affliction is minor, then the negative times can be worked out, and the couple can be suggested to avoid confrontation in those times. If they manage to sail through the tough times, the marriage can indeed be saved. 

But if it does not work out at all, one can know about life post-divorce and separation using astrology by birth charts. Most people go for second marriage after divorce, and this is where astrology helps a person to assess the life before and post-divorce. Divorce, once in mind, becomes more of a legal matter where the respective professionals play their role. But astrology handles divorce cases by advising the fate of life with the other person in future. A proper study of planets Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun using astrology guides a person about separation Yoga. Venus and Jupiter tell about pleasures in life after any marriage, first or second. So in many cases, person decides to avoid divorce. Astrologers can also advice on the best timings to go for divorce if nothing works out.

The other situation occurs when the planets are so badly placed that they do not relent at any time. In such situations, the couple is given a hand out of karma correction based on the planets' positioning in their horoscope. If they adopt a karma correction as recommended, which is a changed perspective towards married life, the marriage gets working. 

My experience says if every couple gets their horoscope analysed for karma correction, they can start living a more harmonious life.

Question: Can astrology predict when will person get married?

DVB: As per Vedic astrology rules, every native has six cycles of a period of time when he/she could get married. Which cycle can eventually convert into marriage depends upon the planets' strength that can make the native wed. The family and society customs also influence the decision for getting married, and thus, the activation of which cycle would happen also depends upon it. 

However, knowing these cycles helps astrology to predict when will a person get married and the marriage timing.   

This was Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, top best astrologer in India has written a very comprehensive narration on how to match horoscopes on his website also. One can call his office also on +91 9278665588 or 9278555588.