Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Desert Agriculture Can Be The Answer To Food Security

Israeli water management and agricultural technologies can provide outstanding solutions for countries around the world, said co-founder and CEO, Ronit Hasin-Hochman.

Improvate founders Irina and Ronit with advisor Maj Gen (Res) Amos Gilead

Two women have created a platform that makes innovations accessible to countries around the world, with an emphasis on advancing Israeli technologies.

Improvate operates out of London and Tel Aviv through international conferences and business delegations and promotes deals between governments, organisations and investors with technology and innovation companies.

Said co-founder and CEO, Ronit Hasin-Hochman recently, "Israeli water management and agricultural technologies can provide outstanding solutions for countries around the world. We are very pleased that recent peace agreements enable us to facilitate collaborations across countries and continents."

In the words of founder and Chair Irina Nevzlin, “When the world is looking for ways to emerge from the most difficult crisis of recent decades, technology companies and innovation leaders have a significant role to play in creating practical solutions. We will be among those who help make it happen.”

Experts and government representatives from Israel, Africa and the United Arab Emirates recently came together to discuss the impact of climate change on agriculture and possible remedies.

This discussion was aimed at advancing technological cooperation in agriculture and water. Held in Tel Aviv, it featured officials and experts, some of whom joined online too.

Senior government representatives from Israel and Africa along with investors from the United Arab Emirates and Israeli agricultural technology companies took part in the discussions.

Several parts of the landscape in these countries comprise desert and arid land.

Urban and vertical farming would play a huge role in making sustainable communities a reality, according to Rahul Kale, Founder and CEO, Sunpower Renewables, Dubai.

"With solar storage becoming commercially viable, you can have vertical farming 24x7. I think the advent of solar storage will see a huge uptake in vertical greenery. Our products can add a lot of value to this industry," he said.

Nevzlin added that the Abraham Accords has introduced big changes in the Middle East. It has strengthened relations and brought about an opportunity for countries to cooperate and exchange knowledge and expertise.

"As Israel's landscape is very similar to that of the UAE, including the desert areas, the innovative methods developed for agricultural technology in Israel can be a valuable asset and focal point for partnering with the UAE and other Middle East countries," she observed.