Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

Novus’ $35,000 Electric Motorcycle Showcased At CES

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Novus e-bike comes with a futuristic design and a unique set of features

  • The electric motorcycle takes the minimalistic design philosophy to another level.
  • There are no physical buttons. Everything can be controlled via a phone app.
  • Might cost over $35,000(Rs 21.1 lakh) once it hits production.

Every year the Consumer Electronic Show brings us either something from the Jetsons or Black Mirror. This time around, we've moved on to what a environmentally consious James Bond would ride. At least that's what we feel looking at the new Novus electric motorcycle.

Company founders, Rene Renger and Marcus Weidig wanted to create something that would slot in between an underpowered e-bike and an all-out performance motorcycle. How do you achieve this? Lots of carbon-fibre, of course. This helps it in being both lighter and stronger.

The Novus electric bike opts for a minimal design approach, with the head and tail lights embedded into the body in a smooth straight line. The rear suspension, which employs an air damper, too is embedded into the frame, completing its very unique look. Novus says the air damper can be tweaked at any time, depending on the road conditions. Since they couldn't find space for a start button, it’s placed under the leather seat and can be activated by pressing it down.

There's a companion app, which lets you use your phone as the key and speedometer. There's a holder at the front, which lets you mount your phone. The whole idea behind the philosophy is getting to control the bike only through the app, without any physical keys!

The electric bike is powered by a 14kW brushless motor, placed neatly over the rear wheel. Novus claims a range of 100km with a top speed of 100kmph. The company hasn't yet specified the exact specifications of the battery, which sits at the bottom of the frame. It all sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, that’s because it is. The e-bike is still in its prototype stage. When it does hit the production floor though, Novus says it’ll cost a heartbreaking $35,000 (Rs 21.1 lakh approx.) or more.