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Mercedes-Benz Introduces Free 2019 Summer Care Camp Till 15 May

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Free 2019 Summer Care Camp Till 15 May

Complimentary AC and vehicle checkup before the peak summers, plus other offers

  • Mercedes-Benz India holds service camp ahead of peak summer, focussing on AC functionality.

  • Complementary vehicle checkup, AC system check and refrigerant top-up on offer.

  • Up to 25 per cent off on select parts for customers who have owned their Mercs for over 5 years.

As the summer intensifies, Mercedes-Benz India has commenced free service camp for its customers. It includes a comprehensive checkup of the vehicle electronic systems, interior filters, testing the air-conditioning system and complimentary top-up of the AC refrigerant as well.

Mercedes is also offering savings and discounts as part of the summer service camp in conjunction with celebrating the brand’s 25th year in India. The carmaker is offering a 25 per cent rebate on select parts for periodic maintenance to customers who have owned a Mercedes-Benz for over 5 years. There are offers on the Mercedes-Benz AC Spa treatment and the ‘Quick and Clean’ combo too.

This summer service camp and its offers are valid between 15 April to 15 May 2019 across all Mercedes-Benz service outlets.

Read the full release from the manufacturer here:

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 25 years with its long standing customers; rolls-out special Summer Care Camp

Offers 25% rebate on select parts as a patronage to Mercedes-Benz customers for over 5 years

  • Summer Camp comprises a comprehensive free of charge check-up of the car’s electronics systems, testing of the air-conditioning function and also the interior filters | Complimentary top-up of the AC refrigerant
  • As a part of Mercedes-Benz’s 25 years celebration in India, Mercedes-Benz is offering 25% rebate on select parts for periodic maintenance, applicable for customers owning Mercedes-Benz cars for over 5 years
  • All customers can avail a ’Quick and Clean’ combo pack and Mercedes-Benz AC Spa treatment at an attractive price
  • Summer Care Camp is effective from 15-April to 15-May, 2019 across all Mercedes- Benz service outlets
  • Summer Care Camp 2018 was a resounding success with approx. 6500 customers. In 2019 Summer Service Camp, Mercedes-Benz targets to reach out to more than 7000 customers across markets

Pune: With the approach of the harsh summer season this year, India’s largest luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz today announced an exclusive ‘Summer Care Camp 2019’ for its discerning customers. This exclusive campaign comprises thorough service check-up of the Three-Pointed Star and enhancing the on-road performance and ownership experience of every Mercedes-Benz this summer. Effective from 15-April until 15-May 2019, the Summer Care Camp will include a thorough check-up of the car’s electronic systems and testing of the air-conditioning function apart from a complimentary top-up of the AC refrigerant. Other services like complimentary evaluation of the car will be part of the Summer Service Camp.

Speaking on the roll-out of this initiative, Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “Indian seasons can get quite extreme, especially the summers, which are quite intense and needs to take all precautionary measures to ensure the optimal functioning of the vehicle. We are back with our immensely popular Summer Service Camp which ensures the vehicle performs optimally under harsh weather conditions, and the customers can enjoy their summer holidays and road trips with complete peace of mind. It is our way of reinstating our commitment of offering seamless services as the most preferred luxury car manufacturer.”

As a part of the Mercedes-Benz Summer Care Camp check-up, the customers can avail the following:

  • Complementary AC Checkup
  • Complementary Vehicle Checkup (Checkup of Tires, Brakes, Fluid Levels and all electronic checkups)
  • Special offer on select maintenance parts
  • Special offer on Mercedes-Benz AC Spa Treatment and Mercedes-Benz Quick and Clean Combo

Quick facts on Mercedes-Benz Air conditioning systems

  • Mercedes-Benz vehicles have its hardware and software individually designed and adapted for maximum performance and efficiency for each car line
  • A multitude of sensors give inputs to A/C control units and these are then processed and used to control various functions for performance, air quality, control quality, noise level and efficiency
  • Mercedes-Benz AC systems ranges from 1 zone manual A/C (THERMATIC) to 4 zone


Key factors affecting the optimal functioning of a vehicle’s air-conditioning:

  • Outside temperature and humidity; in car temperature setting
  • Incident of raise from the sun entering the vehicle’s interior
  • Air conditioner’s filter and dust filter condition
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Rear side windows and panoramic roof and shutter position
  • Heating of vehicle parts due to parking under sun (particularly in summer).

Key information about Mercedes-Benz Air Conditioners:

  • Mercedes-Benz vehicles with automatic AC gradually attain a comfortable 22 degree Celsius cabin temperature within 10 to 15 mins from the time the Air Conditioner is turned on
  • Mercedes-Benz Air condition systems are designed to reduce draught and improve performance, air quality, control quality, noise level and efficiency; without affecting the body condition of the passenger
  • It is important to note that direct exposure to cold air draught (Blast of cold air) for prolonged periods affects skin and body Mercedes-Benz recommends the Air conditioners to be used in ‘Auto’ mode for optimal cooling and comfort

Air conditioners can be set manually if so desired, in particular situations as mentioned below:

  • Air conditioners A/C control– ON | Temperature setting– Low | Re-Circulation mode –ON | Blower speed – Max | A/C Auto Mode–OFF | Blower position – Central | All Sun blinds rolled up | Vehicle should be in running condition | Use in above setting may result in high air blow and blower noise | Ventilate the cabin when vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods



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