Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Maruti Suzuki XL6 vs Mahindra Marazzo: In Pics

How does the new Nexa MPV from Maruti look next to Mahindra’s Marazzo? See for yourself

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the XL6, a relatively premium product based on the Ertiga that retails from Nexa. While they may not share a similar powertrain, the XL6 and Marazzo do clash in terms of price. WHile the XL6 is priced between Rs 9.79 lakh and Rs 11.46 lakh, the Marazzo goes for RS 10.35 lakh to Rs 14.76 lakh. So, how does the XL6 look when it is put next to the bigger, body-on-frame Mahindra MPV? Scroll down to find out.

Front Shot

The XL6 has a rugged front end that is highlighted by two chrome slat grilles on the grille. The Marazzo’s front end is a little more curvy and isn’t as edgy as that of the XL6. The XL6 is comparatively less wider than the Marazzo with the Maruti MPV measuring 1775mm in width while the Marazzo is 1866mm wide. The Marazzo is taller too, measuring 1774mm in height compared to the XL6’s 1700mm.


Both these cars come with a projector setup for the head lamps, however, the XL6 offers LED lighting while the Marazzo makes use of regular halogen lamps. Both these MPVs are offered with LED DRLs though.

Dashboard Layout

Just like its cabin, the dashboard of the XL6 is an all black affair. That is, unlike the Marazzo, which has a dual tone dashboard. Also, in the XL6, the touchscreen unit appears to be floating on top of the dashboard, whereas in the Marazzo, it is built into the dashboard.

Powertrain On Offer

The XL6 can only be had with the 1.5-litre petrol engine that is also present in the Ertiga. The Marazzo on the other hand can only be had with a 1.5-litre diesel engine that is also present in the XUV300. The XL6 can be had with either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. The Marazzo is available only with a manual transmission.

Instrument Cluster

Both these cars get an analogue instrument cluster with a MID in the the middle.


While both look like traditional MPVs from the side, the Marazzo has a more clean design that will age well. The XL6 has an edgy design that would certainly polarise opinions. The Marazzo is once again longer than the XL6, coming in at 4585mm to the XL6’s 4445mm. The wheelbase of the Marazzo though is only slightly longer than that of the XL6, measuring 2760mm to the XL6’s 2740mm.

Second Row

Both these cars can be had with captain seats in the second row. The Marazzo can also be had with a bench type seat, unlike the XL6. Mahindra offers the Marazzo with a separate AC for the second-row, which is very effective.

Boot Space

Despite being the smaller car, the XL6 offers more boot space than the Marazzo, with all rows up. In the XL6, you have 209 litres of boot space with all rows up while in the Marazzo, that is reduced to 190 litres.

Rear Shot

At the rear, it is the Marazzo that has a cleaner design while the Ertiga is clearly visible in the XL6’s design from the rear. What is similar between the Marazzo and the XL6 is the fact that both have their tail lights connected by a strip of chrome.