OT Itinerary: Trailing Through Peru In 10 Days

Travelling with strangers along the Peruvian coast. Everyone's favourite Peruvian city is a civilised warren of quaint narrow streets lined with picturesquely shabby colonial houses

Panoramic view of Machu Picchu in Peru Photo: Getty Images

I first noticed her in Miami airport, while I was waiting to take yet another, thankfully final, flight on my long journey to Lima. She wore a beige long-coat, sturdy tan shoes, large expensive bags and a general air of distinction. She was also clearly very old, walking with the help of her cane. I stared in fascination as she wended her way with a slightly worrying confidence through the impatient crowd. I wondered what she was going to do in Lima, hoped that family would pick her up from the airport, that grown grandchildren would relieve her of those large bags.