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PVR's Pride Film Festival Shines The Light On Queer Voices In Cinema; Filmmaker Onir Shares Insights

PVR’s first Pride Film Festival is bringing marginalised voices and queer narratives to the mainstream through various screening with engaging sessions. Filmmaker Onir shares his view in an exclusive interview with Outlook Traveller at the event

A pride flag with a film clapperboard and 3D glasses Photo: Shutterstock

In view of Pride Month, which lasts the whole of June, PVR Inox Limited, the largest cinema exhibitor in India, launched its very first Pride Film Festival. Among its list of other film festivals, such as the Oscar Film Festival and the Summer Film Festival, PVR Inox's latest empowering addition of the Pride Film Festival seeks to visibilise and give platform to otherwise underrated queer voices, the works of whom remain obscenely glossed over and gathering dust on the unreachable racks of cinema. The festival aims to celebrate LGBTQ+ stories and voices through a curated selection of films that highlight diverse experiences and struggles within the community. By showcasing these films, PVR Inox not only promotes inclusivity and awareness but also creates a space for dialogue and understanding among audiences.