Celestial Events To Watch Out For In July

From the conjunction of the moon and Mars to the global cluster Messier 55, find out the top celestial events in July that will have you keep your eyes on the sky

Astronomical telescope for observing stars, planets, Moon, celestial objects in the sky Photo: Shutterstock

During the summer, July offers plenty of celestial events for skygazers. Look forward to spotting Mercury in the evening sky, a Lunar occultation of Antares, and the Moon reaching perigee, all making for great stargazing opportunities. The constellations, filled with fascinating myths and legends, will be on full display, sharing ancient stories told through the language of stars. Grab your telescopes and binoculars, and join other astronomy enthusiasts as we gather under the vast summer sky to witness these amazing celestial wonders. Get ready to keep your eyes on the prize this July as you review our list of celestial events for the upcoming month.