Sunday, Sep 25, 2022


People pass by the poster of M.F. Hussain put up outside Jahangir Art Gallery during his condolence

In Exile

A grown woman, her chest undressed, her sari undone around her waist. She had no arms–she was shameless. 

17 September 2022

Cheetah Transit Camp in Trombay

'Mumbai Has No Room For The Poor': 'Cheetah Camp' Residents Living In Transit

Cheetah Camp in Trombay has been a transit camp forever. Its residents, displaced from another settlement have waited for nearly 46 years to get houses with concrete walls and roofs. Instead, the threat of being displaced...

A poem by one of the pioneers of modernism in Urdu literature.

Exile: A Poem By One Of The Pioneers Of Modernism In Urdu Literature

Jila Watni (exile) was an important theme in the works of Progressive Urdu poets, who were committed to social justice and gender equality.

Banished voices: The poets of exile from conflict zones. (Representative image)

Banished Voices: The Poets Of Exile From Conflict Zones

Poets from Kashmir, Palestine and Syria evoke the sense of loss and longing that keeps perennially gnawing at their hearts. In the face of the all-encompassing loss, poems by Kashmiri poets betray a sense of urgency and...

23 April 2022

A devotee at Kheer Bhawani temple at Janipur in Jammu.

Kashmiri Pandits Of Jammu: Separated From Their Gods, Living With Replicas In Exile 

Scores of replicas of the Hindu shrines in Kashmir that dot Jammu city — a second home to a majority of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits — reflect the community's resilience and resolve to preserve its cultural identity...

Female Afghan Leader Fawzia Koofi Keeps Striving For Afghanistan From Exile

Fawzia Koofi, a former deputy speaker of parliament, was one of only four women in talks to reach a power-sharing deal with the Taliban, which ultimately failed.

22 October 2021

Poets-in-exile: Bhunchung D Sonam (left) and Tenzin Tsundue

Musings In Exile: Tibetan Poets’ Eternal Yearning For Homeland

For poets like Tenzin Tsundue and Bhuchung D. Sonam, the long-drawn struggle for Tibet’s self-determination has meant that their quest for homeland remains a dream perpetually deferred. They are forced to carry their exile...

11 April 2022