“When I asked a policeman why a chowki was on a pedestrian path, he said such rules don’t apply to police.” Indur K. Chhugani, Mumbai Walking rights His first PIL saw more than 100 squatting police chowkies removed. Another of his petitions seeks ‘corruption studies’ in schools.

Apoorva Salkade

“My premise is simple: a government should be accountable. But making it happen called for court intervention.” R. Prabhakaran, Chennai Calling a halt His PILs stopped the conversion of a library into a hospital, stayed a rule that bars deaf-mutes from contesting panchayat elections

R.A. Chandroo

“Even if my petition against Pranab is dismissed, the public will take note of the issue I am raising.” M.L. sharma, Delhi Taking on big guns Was fined by the SC for a “frivolous” PIL against the CJI. Has also filed a PIL against Pranab Mukherjee

Tribhuvan Tiwari

“I’ve had 25-40 per cent success, much better than if I’d approached the authorities directly.” Subhash Dutta, Calcutta Clean sweep Dutta’s first PIL was for getting users to clean up after public functions at Calcutta’s Maidan. Others were on cleaning up the Hooghly, tree-felling.

Sandipan Chatterjee

A file photo of Lt Gen Bikram Singh who has been designated as the next Chief of Army Staff. The Supreme Court dismissed a PIL challenging the appointment of Bikram Singh as the next Army chief.

PTI Photo

Bollywood actor Imran Khan coming out of Mumbai High Court after filing a PIL against the Maharashtra Government's decision to make 25 the legal drinking age, in Mumbai.

PTI Photo