The Fight For Veggie Equality Is On. Calling The Gaming Industry To Supercharge Vegetables In Games.

Calling On Gamers: Power Up Veggies in Your Virtual World!

Knorr - #ModTheVeg

Have you ever noticed that veggies, the champions of powering up in real-life nutrition, are being seriously undervalued in top video games played by millions of people globally?

With a passion for supercharging veggies in the real world, global food brand Knorr, investigated just how much veggies are lagging in the virtual world. In Fortnite, munching meat gives a +15HP boost while chomping on cabbage delivers just +10HP. In the pixelated world of Minecraft, meat will refill four hunger bars, compared to a measly two bars for a carrot. Even in the epic battlegrounds of World of Warcraft, a big beef steak brings +552HP while a hearty bean stew lies in its wake, only patching up to the tune of +61HP.


Power from meat

Power from veggies


Meat gives +15HP

Cabbage gives +10HP


Cooked steak restores 4 hunger bars

Carrot restores 2 hunger bars


Boar meat gives +12HP

Leek gives +1HP

ARK Survival Evolved

Cooked meat +20 hunger AND


Corn +20 hunger only

Knorr thinks it’s high time veggies are powered up to get the recognition they deserve, and they are calling on the gaming community worldwide to join this ambition! Gaming fans are being invited to sign a petition to show their support for giving veggies a boost in the virtual world and bringing a new balance to gaming sustenance. The hope is that this campaign will catch the attention of gaming publishers and spur them on to re-evaluate their games and give veggies the supercharge they deserve.

The brand is leading the charge to give good food a boost by powering up veggies in the virtual world, calling out to gamers to #ModTheVeg.

Knorr is striking up partnerships with the modding community to create veg-powered mods for gaming juggernauts like Fortnite, Minecraft, Skyrim and GTA V. Get ready to embark on a culinary quest, immerse yourself in a veg-powered adventure which sees the virtual world transformed into a playground of flavour.

Get involved and join forces with Knorr as they embark on their quest to even things out for veggies to make vegetables the MVP (most valuable produce) in your inventory. This is not just a mission, it’s a gaming revolution to right a great wrong against veggies. To get involved, just play the mods and sign the petition which calls on gaming publishers to make vegetables as exciting and rewarding as other food items in their games!

About Knorr

Knorr’s passion for better cooking and eating goes right back to the brand’s beginnings in 1838. Knorr is proud to be the 8th most chosen FMCG brand in the world (according to Kantar World Panel) and Unilever’s largest food brand – built on the promise and the delivery of making good food accessible to all. Knorr products are sold in more than 90 countries around the world and the products are chosen 3.1 billion times per year, in 379 million homes annually. [95% of the vegetables and herbs used, are sustainably sourced, and Knorr is increasingly sourcing ingredients that are grown following regenerative agriculture principles.]