Navigating New Horizons: 21 Maneuvers Expands Its Digital Marketing Frontiers

21 Maneuvers Expands Services and Launches Aamantran by 21M to Meet Growing Demand

21 Maneuvers Expands its Digital Marketing Frontiers

21 Maneuvers, a graphic design and boutique digital marketing agency specializing exclusively in Meta platforms, is fully prepared to introduce new services. These include Whatsapp Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and Google Ads. Additionally, the agency is set to unveil a new vertical titled “Aamantran by 21M”. This division will provide digital invitations and design collaterals tailored for events such as weddings, conferences, and more. By doing so, 21 Maneuvers aims to offer comprehensive design support to event companies and similar entities.

With a specialization in Meta platforms and the introduction of new services, the agency demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends. By expanding its service offerings, 21 Maneuvers seeks to cater to a wider clientele and provide them with innovative and comprehensive solutions for their digital marketing needs. The launch of “Aamantran by 21M” represents a strategic move to tap into the growing demand for personalized and visually appealing event invitations and design materials.

Established with the mission of offering affordable digital marketing services to small businesses and startups in Tier 3 cities, this initiative holds immense potential to support entities with limited resources. Small businesses and startups in Tier 3 cities often face challenges accessing services from agencies based in metro areas due to cost constraints. This endeavor aims to bridge that gap and empower such businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. It further demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and innovation in the digital marketing sphere. This strategic move not only expands the agency's market reach but also enriches its service portfolio, positioning it as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes across diverse geographical locations.

Moreover, the increasing need for digital invitations extends beyond high-profile individuals as the residents of Tier 3 cities also require them. The introduction of “Aamantran by 21M” addresses this demand by providing a more accessible and efficient solution. Whether it's enhancing personalization or optimizing costs, this vertical promises to meet the diverse needs of its clientele effectively.

What’s an entrepreneur’s journey if not marked by some failures, right? Bareilly-based 21 Maneuvers was created to be a boutique advertising and social media agency at the grassroots level by the husband-wife duo, Bharat Agarwal and Kanika Jain. After completing their Masters in Marketing from Milan, they set out to change the rules of marketing businesses in small towns and launched the agency in 2014. However, a lack of market awareness coupled with wrong timing resulted in a complete shutdown within 8 months.

Five years of working in traditional family businesses later, they realized that businesses in small towns are growing at a faster pace. While agencies based out of metro cities can lend marketing support, they will never fully understand the demographics and cater to the intrinsic needs of these businesses. It was time to relaunch 21 Maneuvers, and in March 2020, they did just that, with a better vision, a clearer understanding of market needs, and a ‘can’t give up this time’ attitude.

Now, four years later, 21 Maneuvers boasts more than 60 clients across Tier 3 cities pan India.

*Not Just a Regular Advertising Agency*

21 Maneuvers was founded with the vision of becoming a one-stop agency for Tier 3 and Tier 2 businesses. The idea was to ensure that even enterprises with smaller budgets could access the latest in the advertising and marketing world with 21 Maneuvers. While it started with social media marketing as its core service, along with offline collateral support (ATL and BTL), over the last four years, they have invested in and built a dynamic team capable of offering much more.

Last year, they forayed into performance marketing with Meta ads, and this year they expanded their offerings further with Google ads and SEO. These services combined make it a one-stop solution for upcoming companies to expand their presence and reach a larger audience while ensuring that the optics and aesthetics in terms of design stay on point.

Whether it is using AI to enhance customer experience and deliver better content or employing the latest technologies in graphics, 21 Maneuvers is pacing ahead to offer the most futuristic marketing experience to its clients. The agency’s business scaling strategy has always been to listen closely to its customers and incorporate their feedback.

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