Indian AI Startup Metakraft AI Emerges As A Contender In The Immersive Content Creation Arena

Metakraft AI: Revolutionizing 3D Creation with Cutting-Edge AI

Metakraft AI

Metakraft AI, a pioneering Indian artifcial intelligence (AI) company, is rapidly establishing itself as a go-to platform for creators, 3D designers, and immersive game developers. Led by Founder Abhishek R, a visionary in the feld who champions the belief that AI for Content Creation and Web3 for monetization represent the future of content creation, Metakraft AI is dedicated to realizing this vision. Abhishek R envisions a future where technology empowers creators of all skill levels, from nocoders to seasoned professionals, to build and immerse in digital experiences efortlessly. Metakraft AI's user-friendly platform empowers users to leverage the power of AI to efortlessly create high-fdelity 3D experiences, rivaling established tools like OpenAI's Sora, Alpha3D, Spline, etc.

Democratizing 3D Creation with Cutting-Edge AI

Metakraft AI removes the technical barriers that have traditionally hindered 3D content creation. Their platform ofers a suite of powerful AI-powered tools, including:

  • AI-powered 3D Model Generation: Efortlessly generate high-quality 3D models from scratch using AI.

  • Voice/Text to 3D Conversion: Bring ideas to life instantly by transforming voice or text descriptions into stunning 3D creations.

  • Extensive Asset Library: Access a vast library of over 500,000 assets to enhance and personalize projects.

Trusted Partner for Leading Brands and Institutions

Metakraft AI has already garnered the trust of leading brands and educational institutions. They have successfully delivered immersive 3D content experiences for companies like Volkswagen and 63moons (NSE: 63MOON), and partnered with cutting-edge technology providers like NVIDIA, AWS, and Polygon.

Seamless Integration with Popular Design Tools

The Metakraft AI platform integrates seamlessly with popular metaverse and 3D design tools like Spline and Sandbox's Vox Editor. This empowers users of these platforms to leverage Metakraft AI's capabilities to create stunning 3D models with varying LODs and efortlessly incorporate them into their existing game designs.

Beyond Creation: Fostering a Secure and Lucrative Environment

Metakraft AI prioritizes user security and empowers creators to monetize their work. Their platform ofers: 

  • Proprietary Format Protection: Ensures work remains secure by preventing unauthorized migration. 

  • Multi-Platform Monetization: Unlocks diverse revenue streams across various platforms.

A Team with a Vision for the Future 

Metakraft AI is led by a team of passionate and experienced individuals with a proven track record of success. With COO Srikanth bringing over 15 years of expertise in Data Analytics and co-founding one of the most promising SAP companies, Amplesoft, and CTO Gaurav Mishra at the helm, renowned for building 10+ NLP bots with a staggering 10M+ Userbase and pioneering AI and Web3 integration with one of the frst AI-generated NFT Collections in 2020, the team is poised to revolutionize the industry. Backed by some amazing teammates and advisors like Lokhendra Soni and Bipin Agravat with 20+ years of experience in venture building, their team looks perfect to build India's frst Platform for Game and 3D Experience Development.

Join the Immersive Content Revolution

Metakraft AI is poised to revolutionize the way immersive content is created. With its intuitive AI tools, extensive asset library, and commitment to user security and monetization, Metakraft AI ofers a compelling alternative to existing solutions. Visit [Metakraft AI website] to learn more and join the immersive content creation revolution.