Driving Success: The Remarkable Journeys Of Today's Top 10 Businesses

10 Businesses Defining Industries: Remarkable Journeys of Success

Journeys Of Today's Top 10 Businesses

The topography of modern commerce is gradually transforming with the help of innovation, perseverance, and strategic vision. Behind every thriving enterprise, there lies a captivating story of ambition, challenges overcome, and goals achieved. In this article, we present top 10 businesses who have shown remarkable feats in defining the fabric of their respective industries.

1. Redpixel Printworks

In India's dynamic on-demand printing industry, Redpixel Printworks stands out as the top e-commerce printing company, specializing in business cards, stationery, and promotional materials. Setting new benchmarks, Redpixel Printworks introduces unique features like Spot UV, foil, and custom shapes, revolutionizing businesses' presentations.

Redpixel Printworks

Through its intuitive online platform,, Redpixel Printworks offers a seamless experience with a DIY design tool and an easy ordering process. Serving a wide clientele, from startups to large corporations, Redpixel Printworks meets diverse printing needs, aiding clients in their marketing endeavors.

Originally established seven years ago, the firm underwent a transformation spearheaded by an IT graduate, Mr. Vishal B during the lockdown, making Redpixel Printworks the most sought-after online printing destination. Committed to top-notch quality at competitive prices, Redpixel Printworks ensures accessibility with free delivery nationwide and international shipping options.

For businesses seeking superior printing solutions, Redpixel Printworks emerges as the trusted partner, leading innovation and excellence in the printing industry.

Contact: +91 22 69718186 

WhatsApp: +91 8080009089 

Bharat Go Digital

2. Bharat Go Digital

Bharat Go Digital, a Bangalore-based digital marketing agency, combines creativity, cost-effectiveness, and industry knowledge to assist businesses in accomplishing their online objectives. It specialises in SEO, Paid advertising, WordPress development, and WhatsApp marketing, offering scalable solutions for businesses to grow their online presence for overall success.

Bharat Go Digital distinguishes itself by going beyond basic marketing tasks. It offers brand consulting, helping businesses understand their market and develop effective strategies. 

Bharat Manghnani, a seasoned digital marketing expert with more than 12 years of experience, founded Bharat Go Digital in 2017 with the goal of providing clients around the world with services that provide results. The agency's focus on affordability and innovation makes it a valuable partner for businesses looking to maximise their online impact.



Monali M. Chakraborty, a post graduate in English Literature from Calcutta University, has carved a successful path as a first-generation entrepreneur.

Driven by a desire to overcome financial challenges and empower others, Monali co-founded MARCHED SOLUTIONS LLP in 2020, a digital marketing agency, with her husband Anubhav Chakraborty. Her prior corporate experience fueled her entrepreneurial spirit, leading them to achieve a significant milestone of $1,000 within just eight weeks. This early success fueled their confidence and commitment to building the company.

MARCHED SOLUTIONS LLP has continued its impressive growth, serving over 50 clients by 2023. With a focus on helping others, the company aims to expand its reach to 100 new clients in the upcoming financial year.

Monali's story speaks of business achievements. As a woman who emerged from economic hardship, she embodies the power of willpower, resilience, and perseverance.  

Coorg Rosewood Timbers

4. Coorg Rosewood Timbers

Coorg Rosewood Timbers, with founder Mr. Leonard J. Mills at the helm, specializes in premium Rosewood furniture and interiors. With a focus on custom-made solutions, the company has solidified its reputation as a reliable provider, turning houses into beloved homes. 

Known for its steadfast commitment to quality and personalized attention, Coorg Rosewood Timbers directly caters to clients, offering a curated selection of furniture pieces, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort in living spaces. Mr. Mills highlights the company's ethos, aiming not just to sell furniture but to inspire beauty and coziness in every home. 

Since its humble beginnings in 2014, the company has flourished, becoming a leader in the Rosewood furniture market. Coorg Rosewood Timbers has embraced innovation, continuing its mission to craft exquisite pieces that resonate with customers' desires.

BlackZone Mobile

5. BlackZone Mobile

BlackZone Mobile, founded by Kannav Thukral, continues the legacy of KBR Trading established in 2001. The brand recently announced a strategic partnership with Bollywood actress Mouni Roy, aiming to amplify its presence in India's mobile and wearables market. Leveraging its network of over 400 distributors nationwide, BlackZone prioritizes accessibility, aligning with the "Make in India" initiative to reach smaller cities and towns. 

The brand’s key products range from 4G feature phones to smartwatches, each reflecting Indian manufacturing quality and unique design. Furthermore, BlackZone emphasizes innovation and affordability. The company's ethos extends to employee welfare, providing a familial work environment and prioritizing safety. 

Today, BlackZone aspires to be a global leader in mobile technology, catering to local needs while delivering globally.

MRG Group

6. MRG Group

In 1993, MRG Group set on its hospitality journey with Banjara-The Restaurant as its inaugural venture. Gaurav Shetty, the Managing Director, hails from a lineage steeped in hospitality expertise, with his father, K. Prakash Shetty, serving as the founder Chairman. 

Armed with a Hotel Management degree from Switzerland, Gaurav guides the MRG Group. His dedication to excellence has garnered recognition, including the 2014 International Service Excellence Award. Under his leadership, the Goldfinch group of Hotels has flourished, introducing renowned brands like Courtyard by Marriott and expanding across India with esteemed partnerships. 


With over 1000 employees, Gaurav supervises esteemed brands such as Sana-di-ge and Goldfinch Hotels & Resorts within the MRG Group's expansive portfolio. His entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to quality ensure the continued growth and success of the MRG Group.

Desklinq Realty Tech LLP

7. Desklinq Realty Tech LLP

Desklinq Realty Tech LLP, established in 2023, transformed the work culture by introducing its groundbreaking integrated workspace digital platform. Under the dynamic leadership of the co-founders, the company is bridging the gap for on-demand workspace booking. 

Suresh, Aditya, and Rhine constitute the core team, bringing expertise and a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Suresh, with 16 years of experience in electric aircraft technology, champions sustainability goals. Aditya, with a background in oil & gas sector management, excels in dynamic problem-solving. Rhine, with a decade of experience in EdTech, E-commerce, and IoT, leverages his marketing and technical skills.


Desklinq is setting a new standard for workspace booking, offering a user-centric and convenient experience. Despite being in beta/testing, Desklinq received 600 bookings/month in February 2024, showcasing its potential to meet user needs effectively.

Homeoved Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

8. Homeoved Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Homeoved - India's first chain of alternative pharmacies, is stepping into a new realm with the launch of "BUILT WITH PLANTS," an alternative personal care brand scheduled for release in Q1 2025. Building on its success with homoeopathic and ayurvedic medicines, Homeoved aims to address modern lifestyle health issues through this upcoming innovative brand.

Founded in 2017 by Siddhant and Dinesh Kapoor, Homeoved has established a strong presence in Delhi and Gurgaon with physical pharmacy outlets and online platforms like TATA 1mg, Amazon, and their website. 


"BUILT WITH PLANTS" is the next natural step for Homeoved, using its knowledge of natural medicine to offer effective personal care products. It's all about harnessing the power of plants to create healthy, effective solutions for an improved lifestyle. With Homeoved's track record of quality and innovation, "BUILT WITH PLANTS" has the potential to shake up the alternative personal care market.

Devidas Group Of Company

9. Devidas Group Of Company

Devidas Group Of Company, under the guidance of its founder, Mr.Devidas Naikare. Mind trainer, business coach and 12 book author, is leading innovative strategies to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming business challenges. Through transformative programs, Naikare instils the mindset and tools necessary for success, blending holistic approaches, mindfulness practices, and spiritual wisdom.


Recognised for its transformative work, Devidas Group has garnered over 25 accolades, including the Maharashtra Business Icon Award and the Shri Mahatma Gandhi National Pride Award. With a commitment to nurturing 5,000 "Strong Entrepreneurs" by 2028, the organisation aims to cultivate resilient and ethically-driven business leaders who positively impact society.

In today's competitive terrain, Devidas Group's approach stands out for its focus on emotional, mental, and financial empowerment. Its unique methodology, informed by 17 years of experience and insights from 11 esteemed gurus, emphasises the development of an entrepreneurial mindset characterised by resilience, versatility, and persistence. The company is committed to empowering everyone and driving meaningful societal change.


10. Btrue Media

Btrue Media, a firm specialising in meta advertisements, has emerged as a pioneer in modern and reliable marketing solutions within the congested digital arena. Bharat Soni, a young entrepreneur, launched Btrue Media to redefine the agency experience. It provides extraordinary value to e-commerce firms by combining creative solutions, strategic media buying, and data-driven techniques at every customer touchpoint.

"We envisioned an agency that prioritises honesty, integrity, and achieving tangible results over mere financial gain," Soni said. "Our mission is to empower e-commerce businesses to elevate their brand and digital marketing efforts, giving them a competitive edge and propelling sales growth." 


The agency, which specialises in Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Snapchat Ads, values genuine client relationships. The platform serves as a brand extension, developing tailored solutions—from creating sales funnels to identifying target customers—that ensure a good return on ad spend (ROAS).