Dogeverse ICO Hits $12 Million Milestone - Only $6M Left Until Presale Is Over

Dogeverse hits the $12 million milestone, meaning it is only $6 million shy of reaching its hard cap! 


Meme coins are known for their extraordinary performance and potential to bring significant gains, which is why all the new meme coins being launched can't go unnoticed. Dogeverse is one of the newest meme coins embracing a well-known Doge theme. Unlike Dogecoin, which is currently in the red zone, Dogeverse has shown extraordinary pumping potential from the very beginning because of its appealing features.  

Notably, the project has reached a significant fundraising milestone, surpassing $12 million during its presale phase. Considering that the hard cap set for this project is $17,002,500, this goal is now closer than ever. Here is why this project attracts huge attention!  

Dogeverse Brings Innovation to the Crypto Market 

Meme coins were created to break the seriousness of crypto investing and Bitcoin's mysteriousness. However, it is clear now that meme coins are evolving and bringing innovation. It is a fact that meme coins can achieve success even without a utility, but in the long run, utility is the only way meme coins can bring continuous financial gains. Dogeverse charts a unique course with an innovative approach that breaks away from the standard.  

With its multichain strategy, this enticing project is primed for success from the outset. It enables investors to buy $DOGEVERSE tokens across six prominent blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Base. This project's main character is Cosmo, and its breed is a loved and well-known Shiba Inu.  

Leveraging cutting-edge bridging technology, $DOGEVERSE seamlessly extends its reach across multiple chains, addressing concerns over gas fees. As the first multichain meme coin, it is bound to bring innovation to the crypto market.   

Launched at an accessible price point, Dogeverse has garnered significant attention that will continue in the following period. Its presale hit a $12 million milestone, and since the presale is progressing quickly, the remaining $5 million will probably be raised quicker than anyone anticipated. Secure your portion before it's too late! 

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Dogeverse's Tremendous Success 


A unique success formula cannot be formulated, but Dogeverse seems to be on to something. Crafted with user-friendliness in mind, Dogeverse seamlessly blends captivating themes with staking, offering one of the most lucrative avenues for passive income. Its ecosystem is strategically designed to break down the barriers dividing disparate crypto communities.  

Leveraging Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, $DOGEVERSE token holders can effortlessly navigate across multiple chains, enjoying a smooth and secure journey. This multichain functionality amplifies Doge culture's influence and enhances liquidity and utility across the market. Embarking on its journey with an initial launch on Ethereum, Dogeverse strategically leverages the platform's robust security and widespread adoption. This serves as a foundational step for its multichain expansion, facilitating the seamless transfer of $DOGEVERSE tokens across diverse blockchains.  

A key aspect of this launch strategy is enabling presale buyers to directly access their tokens on their preferred blockchain, underscoring the project creators' commitment to delivering a user-friendly experience. This optimization streamlines trading by reducing costs and processing times. 

Moreover, staking presents an enticing opportunity for investors to maximize gains despite the market volatility. Dogeverse token rewards are distributed at a rate of 6088 $DOGEVERSE per Ethereum (ETH) block over a span of 2 years, with an estimated annual return of 100%, making it an exceptionally valuable option to explore! 

Examining Dogeverse's Tokenomics Up Close 

One of the most important pieces of information investors want about a crypto project is tokenomics. The $DOGEVERSE token operates within a capped total supply of 200 billion tokens, strategically distributed to facilitate ecosystem expansion, incentivize community participation, and maintain long-term sustainability. Throughout the presale phase, which has proved to be extremely successful, 30 billion tokens are offered to investors, constituting 15% of the total supply.  

Notably, the price of $DOGEVERSE tokens escalates across various stages, providing early investors with the greatest benefits from the project's success. Furthermore, 20 billion tokens (10%) are earmarked for staking rewards, while 50 billion (25%) are allocated to project reserves. To effectively reach the desired audience, 50 billion tokens (25%) are allocated to marketing efforts, with an additional 20 billion (10%) designated for ecosystem development.  

Ultimately, 20 billion tokens (10%) are set aside for liquidity provision, while 10 billion (5%) are reserved for exchanges. This distribution strategy ensures that $DOGEVERSE is positioned for sustained growth, widespread adoption, and an ever-expanding array of opportunities. Make sure you take the chance to capitalize on enormous Dogeverse growth potential before time runs out! 

Clear Dogeverse Roadmap as Foundation for Success 

Unlike meme coins lacking substantial plans beyond entertainment, Dogeverse tells a different tale. Its roadmap, meticulously detailed in the project's whitepaper, unfolds across six distinct stages. The initial stage was focused on introducing the project to the global crypto community and establishing a solid foundation through enhanced social media presence. 

Subsequently, the project creators prioritized reliability and security by subjecting the project to thorough contract audits by esteemed firms. Concurrently, the presale commenced, attracting a sizable community of investors who recognized the project's remarkable potential. With the resounding success of the Dogeverse presale, the upcoming phase—featuring listings on reputable crypto tracking platforms, followed by DEX and CEX listings—is poised for significant triumph. 


Participating in the $DOGEVERSE ICO presale transcends mere token acquisition because it represents a chance to join Cosmo on his groundbreaking crypto journey. Tokens acquired during the ICO period will become claimable post-presale, ensuring equitable distribution for a successful launch. Ensure your participation before the presale concludes so you can seize this opportunity! 


Meme coins have consistently shown promising potential for success, and they are expected to explode in the following period, especially now that the Bitcoin Halving is behind us.  Dogeverse is surely leading the way and has generated considerable excitement, drawing in a sizable wave of investors from the get-go. Dogeverse's mission is to unite the crypto meme community and spearhead the advancement of multichain utility. If you're keen on capitalizing on its distinctive offerings, ensure you join the ranks of early investors!