Cultivating A Legacy: The Inspiring Journey Of Krushisharang Agriclinic Pvt. Ltd. - Pioneering Excellence, Empowering Farmers, And Shaping The Future Of Agriculture

Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited is a leading seed company, employing over 25 staff and offering nearly 100 agricultural products.

Inspiring Journey Of Krushisharang Agriclinic Pvt. Ltd.

"Harnessing the capabilities of agricultural technology to maximize productivity and mitigate risks amidst tightening profit margins."

The success story of our seed company, Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited, is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and dedication to excellence.

Founded by two young agriculture students, Mr. Harshit Gajera and Mr. Hiren Patoliya, our journey began with humble beginnings, operating from home without a formal structure. Despite the challenges, we were driven by a passion for agriculture and a vision to make a difference in the seed industry.

Our first breakthrough came with the introduction of the Black Wheat variety, renowned for its health benefits. This initial success laid the foundation for further innovation and expansion. We then revolutionized the seed sector in the Saurashtra region by introducing the high-yielding Groundnut variety Kadari Lepaxi (K-1812), setting a new standard for productivity and quality.

Building on this momentum, we expanded our product range to include high-yielding Chickpea varieties such as Phule Vikram, Phule Vikrant, and soybean varieties like Phule Sangam (KDS 726), and Phule Kimiya (KDS 753). These varieties not only surpassed local varieties but also significantly increased yields, empowering farmers and transforming agricultural practices.

Our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation led to the establishment of the "FULE SEEDS" brand, symbolizing quality, reliability, and trust in the seed industry. Despite facing challenges, including the need to raise funds for staff and seed storage, we remained resilient and determined to succeed.

To further accelerate our growth, we decided to enter an incubation centre, successfully passing the AIC GUSEC Incubation centre procedure. This provided us with early-stage startup support, mentorship, and co-working space, enabling us to scale our operations and reach new heights.

Today, Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited is a leading seed company, employing over 25 staff and offering nearly 100 agricultural products. We are proud to contribute to the health of the planet by providing high-quality seeds that empower farmers and promote sustainable agriculture.

About Company

Krushisharang Agriclinc Private Limited was founded in 2021 by Two visionary Agriculturists Mr. Hashit Gajera and Mr. Hiren Patoliya. It is a sustainable agriculture ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company. which delivers agricultural products that supports farmers all over the Country. The agritech business assists farmers by providing professional advice on how to manage crops and increase productivity. It uses data and technology to address farmers' worries about obtaining high-quality agricultural inputs and to close the knowledge gap. The most important and necessary input for agricultural productivity is the seed. Indeed, it is the most cost-effective way to boost agricultural production and productivity. We build our brands and develop our products through extensive Research and Development activities, relentless innovation and crystal-clear marketing carried out by our Company.

Our expanded product portfolio offers a wide variety of different seeds to the farmers, providing you with the highest quality crop seeds. our research ethos centres on the principle of 'Need-based Research.' Our dedicated research division is steadfast in its pursuit of crop enhancement, focusing on crafting high-yield hybrids and varieties endowed with innate resilience to both biotic and abiotic stresses. Our overarching aim is to trim cultivation expenses by minimizing reliance on fertilisers, pesticides, and chemicals. With a team of skilled breeders at the helm, we prioritize quality across a diverse array of crops, encompassing Field crop like Soybean, Cumin, coriander, chickpea This holistic approach ensures that our offerings outperform in the field, during transportation, and in the marketplace, thus bolstering the agricultural sector's prosperity."

Our Services:

-For every crop, we provide agriculture consulting services.

-We engage in research and development within the seed industry. -Marketing and sales.

-Additionally, we are developing software to efficiently store APMC price lists for different regions in Excel databases

-Enhancements to the database program include automated voice commands and auto video uploads.

-We conduct germination tests of our variety of seeds to ensure optimal value for your investment, offering a curated selection, competitive prices, superior quality, and attentive customer support.

-We are working on setting up auto voice commands & auto video will be created & uploaded into this database software.

Harshit Gajera, Managing Director, Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited said “At Krushisharang, our dedication to serving farmers and propelling agriculture forward with integrity, innovation, and excellence is unwavering. With a steadfast "farmer-first" approach, we are driven to empower farmers and cultivate sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. We began with a simple yet profound mission: to empower farmers with high-quality seeds that unlock their full potential. Our success story wouldn't be possible without the unwavering efforts of our passionate team.Their expertise in seed research, development, and production ensures we deliver varieties.”

Hiren Patoliya, Director & CEO said At Krushisharang Agriclinic Private Limited, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with farmers, researchers, and agricultural institutions to stay at the forefront of seed technology and address the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. We committed to: Developing innovative seed varieties that enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. Promoting sustainable agricultural practices that nurture the environment for future generations.

We are committed to providing high-quality seeds and exceptional service to support your agricultural endeavour. Our mission is to empower farmers and gardeners with the best seeds available, backed by years of expertise and innovation.

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