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How To Improve Eyesight And Permanently Get Rid Of Glasses?

5 Effective Eye Corrective Surgeries to Improve Vision and Ditch Glasses

Improve Eyesight

If you’re tired of wearing spectacles or contact lenses, then you are not alone. After all, you can’t enjoy several activities because of it – be it swimming in the pool or playing intense sports.

There are several thousands of individuals who experience the same problems all over India.

Fortunately, there are solutions for you to permanently get rid of your spectacles.

5 Ways to Improve Eye Vision & Get Rid of Glasses

If you have spectacles, the only way to go glass-free are corrective eye surgeries. So, let’s learn about the best contenders!

1. LASIK (Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis)

LASIK is a blade-free, stitchless laser surgery. This is the most common eye corrective procedure worldwide. People with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia can get this surgery.

In this, a flap is created on the cornea surface using a laser. Then, the flap is lifted, reshaped with another laser, and the flap is positioned in its original place.

LASIK takes around 30 minutes for both eyes. The eyes heal completely within 2-3 months. But you can resume to usual routine with some restrictions after 24 hours.

2. SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)

SMILE is also a blade-free procedure that treats myopia (-1.0D to -10.0D) and astigmatism (-0.75D to -3.00D).

The procedure includes creating a lenticule (thin lens-shaped layer under the cornea surface) using a femtosecond laser.

Then, a 2-5 mm incision is created on the cornea. The lenticel is removed through that. After that, the cornea flattens, forming a required shape to correct the vision error.

SMILE surgery can be about 15 minutes long. After 2-5 days, you can resume working on the computer, reading, letting water contact your eyes, driving, and light sports.

However, you must wait for 6 weeks until you go swimming and do contact sports.

3. SILK (Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis)

SILK is the latest laser surgery for vision correction for myopia (up to 12D) and astigmatism (up to 6D). It’s a minimally invasive process that uses advanced imaging technology and can give you up to 6/5 supervision – better than normal vision.

Just like SMILE, a lenticule is formed in this procedure as well. It’s done by creating microscopic bubbles with a femtosecond laser. The lenticule is then removed via a minute incision. Then, the cornea flattens and reshapes, which removes the refractive error.

The surgery takes around 5 minutes for both eyes, and the recovery speed is very high. You can resume most activities after 24 hours and use screens after 2 days.

SILK is a comfortable and low-risk process with great benefits over LASIK and SMILE. However, being a newer procedure, only seek a reputed institution for it.

4. PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

This was the first-ever laser surgery but got recognized after LASIK. It’s a great alternative to individuals who can’t get LASIK because of dry eyes or thinner corneas. The surgery is used to deal with myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

A surgeon removes the epithelial cells from the surface layer of the cornea in PRK. With a cool excimer laser, the cornea is reshaped and corrected for vision errors. Afterward, a bandage contact lens is applied on your eyes to help them heal.

PRK procedure takes about 15 minutes. After about 7 days, the bandage lens is removed. Complete healing may take 2-4 weeks to 3-6 months. However, you can resume most daily activities after 2 weeks.

5. RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange)

RLE is best for presbyopia in the elderly, extreme myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia. In this, a small incision is created in the cornea. The eye’s natural crystalline lens is taken out and replaced with a plastic/silicone intraocular lens (IOL).

This procedure may need a couple of stitches. Overall, surgery takes about 15 minutes.

Are there ways to improve eye vision & get rid of glasses at home?

There are no natural remedies to eliminate the necessity for spectacles or fix the refractive error. If you have spectacles, you must deal with them surgically.

However, some remedies can enhance your overall eye health – not vision – and help release any eye stress, like these.

1. Eye Exercises

If you use computers, mobile phones, or other devices for a long time, your eyes may often hurt. This may even deteriorate your eyesight with time. Practice these exercises to reduce the strain and relax eye muscles:

  • Blink several times during breaks.

  • Roll your eyes and look up in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 5-10 minutes

  • Warm your palms and gently place them on the eyes for relief.

2. Healthy Diet

A balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals is another secret to good eye health. Here’s a list of food you must include in your diet:

  • Green leafy vegetables

  • Fruits (grapes, any kind of berries)

  • Vitamin A and E-rich food (carrots, papaya, almonds, nuts, spinach, olives, milk, cheese)

  • Vitamin C-rich food (oranges, lemon, grapefruit)

  • Soya products

  • Onions and garlic

  • Tuna and salmon

Besides that, you must also maintain a healthy routine to take care of your eyes:

  • Always stay hydrated

  • Don’t smoke or quit it


If you’re interested in maintaining eye health, you can definitely try out the home remedies. However, the only way to go glass-free and restore normal vision is surgery. So, consult a doctor right away and choose the best procedure for you!

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