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Mother’s Day: Enlighten Yourself With Kareena Kapoor’s Ultimate Guide To Motherhood

Mother’s Day: Enlighten Yourself With Kareena Kapoor’s Ultimate Guide To Motherhood

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day, we bring you a guide or rather an insight into the essential learning about motherhood from Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Pregnancy Bible’.

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A mother remains the backbone of the whole family, which is why people across the world show gratitude to their mothers by acknowledging their contribution and effort on the second Sunday of May every year, which happens to be on May 14 this year. Although it is the most crucial, the journey of becoming a mother is less spoken about. Pregnancy, childbirth, post-delivery care, and the mental and physical well-being of the mother all comprise the journey to motherhood.

Here are some essential insights on motherhood from Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Pregnancy Bible’ audiobook, which is available on Audible.

On Balancing Her Pregnancies With Work

“My mother-in-law was also among the first to tell me that I had to keep working. Her advice was to do whatever I wanted but with confidence. She did some great work in the movies after her marriage and kids and is a real inspiration. My mother is also a strong role model for me and she and my father both told me that I must keep at it.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan reflects on the advice she received from two monumental women in her life, her mother and her mother-in-law. It is important for women to not feel burdened by their pregnancies and get on with their daily hustle as long as their bodies and doctor permit it.

“So I thought what the heck, I plunged headlong into not one but two pregnancies and I now have these two tots in my life who made every day feel a little crazy, a little special, a little exhausting, and a little rewarding.”

On Her Determination

“Reality hit during Jeh’s pregnancy which was much much harder. My two pregnancies have been completely different, Taimur’s pregnancy was like a movie - the whole thing was a dream. Reality hit during Jeh’s pregnancy which was much much harder.”

It is important to remain determined and pay attention to your body’s requirements while pregnant. Kareena Kapoor shares that she never shied away from going on shoots and vacations during pregnancy.

“However, I have approached both of my pregnancies casually. I’ve done everything I wanted to do. From working to taking holidays to doing a photo shoot for this book just as I approached my due date. If there is one thing I’ve had in common, it is my determination.”

On Her Indulgences

“My appetite increased tangibly every trimester, I know that there are many moms who do not gain any weight during pregnancy. But my body is different during both of my pregnancies I was absolutely comfortable with the amount of weight I gained. I think I overdid things in my first pregnancy and really piled on the calories. I was excited and did not care.”

One must treat pregnancy cravings with ease, it does not hurt to eat ice cream and pizza sometimes but it is essential to keep your nutrition in check. Kareena shares her experience of dealing with hunger pangs during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy.

“Everyone has to fall off the wagon ever so often. I noticed a significant increase in my appetite during my second trimester during both pregnancies though. Feeling hungry is perfectly normal, after the nausea and morning sickness of trimester one where you may not have felt like eating, your second trimester will quite likely renew your appetite. You may feel especially hungry when you wake up in the morning or during the course of the night. Your baby is growing and demanding more nourishment from you.”

On Identifying Pre-Labour Signs

“Labour happens in three stages, there are many women who don’t realize they are in the first stage of labour. There are some who may spend a week in early labour or stage 1 of labour. There are some who end up in the hospital just in time to give birth. You may finish one or all phases of labour and then be rushed in to have a C-section. You may bypass all these stages if you have a pre-determined C-section. There is no set rule for your body or baby. What are the pre-labour signs, this part can start a couple of weeks, a few days, a few hours before you actually go into labour.”

All pregnant women must keep an eye out for labour stages and the pre-labour signs, it is important for a healthy delivery and sound pregnancy. Bebo shares her tips on identifying the same.

“The symptoms are you may feel some, all, or none of these. A sudden surge in energy before your due date, loose motions - a lumpy brown discharge in your underwear, signs of spotting, back pain, or thigh pain. Many women are 1 centimeter dilated for even 8-10 days. As you inch closer to delivering, look out for signs of bleeding, your water leaking and your mucus plugs passing’.”

On Post Childbirth Recovery

“Your first two weeks after delivery, whether it is a C-section or a vaginal birth you may fall asleep after you have said your first hello to your baby and while a doctor is still suturing you. A lot of mums are wired to be awake, chatting, and be excited about this new little being. When your doctor is done with you, you will be wheeled into your room. If you have had a vaginal birth you may literally feel that your stitches will burst open, but don’t worry this won’t happen.”

Exhaustion post-childbirth is a normal occurrence, mothers need not worry or fret about it. Instead, they must embrace the process and take adequate rest post-childbirth.

Four Pillars Of A Healthy Pregnancy

“Rujuita Diwekar: The four pillars of a healthy pregnancy, I am going to give you a short answer to any long questions you might have about pregnancy nutrition, right before we start. You need to be healthy and fit before you conceive your baby. You may or may not be pregnant but you still need to be well, our body and our mind are one holistic unit that works on a few common principles. Sleep on time, exercise right, eat right, and drink water. These principles will be especially important for you when you are pregnant.”

Kareena’s nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar elucidates the four major pillars of a healthy pregnancy. Once you take into consideration of these four pillars, rest assured that your pregnancy journey will remain smooth.

Kareena Kapoor wonderfully illustrates her journey to motherhood with insightful anecdotes right from her first trimester to her childbirth in ‘Pregnancy Bible’.

If you’ve not read it or heard it yet, on this Mother’s Day this is definitely one activity to do, which will give you immense knowledgeable insights and candid stories about the motherhood journey from the woman herself – Kareena Kapoor.