Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Shocking! Popular Japanese Woman Biker Turns Out To Be A 50-Year-Old Man

According to reports, Twitter user @azusagakuyuki is actually a 50-year-old man who has been altering his appearance though FaceApp and Photoshop

Japanese Biker Twitter

A young Japanese woman motorbike rider with the username @azusagakuyuki on Twitter has a following of 20,000 people and regularly shares photographs that show her with motorbikes. However, something seemed uncanny about the bike rider's appearance after she posted a picture on Twitter in which her reflection in a mirror raised suspicion. 

The biker's followers later got to know that the woman was actually a 50-year-old man who has been altering his appearance through FaceApp and Photoshop. Last month, when the biker posted a picture with 'her' bike, some of her fans noticed that there was a reflection of a man in the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

As the picture began getting popular, some Japanese media organisations took to gathering more information about the bike enthusiast. When they approached the biker, to the surprise of the media crew, it was revealed that 'she' was actually a 50-year-old man.