February 20, 2020
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'We Should Wage A War Against Pakistan'

'We Should Wage A War Against Pakistan'

General Musharraf Saheb came here but he was not ready to discuss any issue other than Kashmir. The question is when he was not willing to hold talk on any other issue, why he was invited here. However, we do not oppose the friendship with Pakistan.

We should have a structured agenda on J&K. Pakistan has no right over J&K and it should hand over its occupied Kashmir to India. I would like to request Hon. Vajpayeeji and Shri Jaswantji that if Pakistan does not act peacefully then we should wage a war against Pakistan.

Vajpayeeji is going to visit Pakistan and we do not oppose this visit. However it will be wise to send first Shri Jaswant Singhji there. He should go there with an agenda.

If Musharraf Saheb is willing then only Vajpayeeji should pay a visit to Pakistan. The economy of our country is in bad state and more over our image was suffered. We respect Atalji very much. He is a good Prime Minister.

However, rest of the people with him are creating troubles. I hold this opinion that not a single inch territory of J&K should be left with Pakistan. The Government should hold talks with all opposition parties for the Summit talks in Pakistan. However, my grievance is that whenever opposition parties are called, we are not invited there since ours is a single Member Party.

The Government should think over it. It is a matter of pleasure that the people of J&K want to live with India. I would like to suggest if Pakistan persists with its policy to send terrorists in India then India should also act in the same manner. This aspect need to be thought over. We would not like to enter into friendship with Pakistan if it is bent upon occupying J&K.

I would like to term Agra Summit a failure. However, I would like to urge upon this Government to make summit talk scheduled to be held in Islamabad a success and for this we need to have an agenda.

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