July 29, 2021
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Hindutva Terror

'The True Face Of The BJP'

'It claims to be a mainstream political party--with its direct members and associates directly linked to terrorism. It gives us homilies on terror and calls us soft on terror, while allowing its own philosophy to preach terror and its own activists t

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'The True Face Of The BJP'
'The True Face Of The BJP'

The nation is asking the BJP and all its allied organizations to come clean on the recent terror incidents at Malegaon and Modasa as also earlier ones at Nanded and Kanpur. It is officially accepted that the RSS is the mother and the controlling brain of the entire BJP set up and that of its allied organizations. Its top leaders regularly pay obeisance at Nagpur and most have been or are card holding members of the RSS. The Bajrang Dal, the VHP, the ABVP, the Durga Vahini are all official adjuncts of the BJP and the RSS. Some like the Bajrang Dal comprise its youth wing, others like the Durga Vahini comprise its women's youth wing and still others like the ABVP comprise its student wing.

The investigations into Malegaon and Modasa are not only terrifying because they involve terrorism--they are horribly horrifying because they involve and implicate almost every limb and part of a mainstream political party viz the BJP. Pragya Singh has admittedly been an active member of the ABVP. Major Upadhaya is admittedly associated with the BJP ex-servicemen cell. The photograph showing Pragya Singh is recent and cannot be dismissed as just a public photograph of BJP leaders with the general public. It is a very special photograph of a close and tightly knit group inside a small room with only high ranking persons like Shivraj Chauhan, CM, MP; Rajnath Singh, President BJP, Mrs. Gaud and Pragya Singh present. This is the photo of a special Circle of Trust--an intimate and exclusive Circle of Trust.

Secondly, the direct links of fundamentalists and extremists at Pune, Nagpur and at the Military School raise the fundamental issue of the thinking and philosophy of the entire Sangh organization which is exclusivist, divisive, anti minority, anti Gandhi and anti Indian ethos. That is why Pragya Singh has been recorded on tape making anti-minority and anti-Gandhi tirades. That is why the thinking and approach of Himanshu Phanse of the Bajrang Dal and of Rajkondawar matches the fascist teachings and writings of Mussolini admirer BS Moonje. It is the same philosophy which admittedly animated Hedgewar and Golwalkar and led them to specifically refer to Muslims and Christians as "Internal Threats" (see Golwalkar, Bunch of Thoughts, 3rd ed, pg 177). The BJP and all its associates deliberately camouflage and disguise their communal and divisive philosophies in the false idiom of "cultural nationalism" to deceive the nation and to cling to power. The principal actors in this drama--from Pragya, to Upadhaya to Bhate to Phanse--and the principal locations at Pune and Nagpur, are reminiscent of the Gandhi assassination conspiracy. I wish to remind you that the RSS only narrowly, by a whisker, escaped conviction and permanent ignominy 60 years ago by pleading that the principal conspirators had supposedly and allegedly resigned and left the RSS some months prior to the killing of Gandhi. The BJP's plea about Pragya and Upadhaya in 2008 is thus a clear echo of 1948. That was Gandhi, the father of the nation; this is terrorism and the nation itself.

This is the true face of the BJP. It claims to be a mainstream political party with its direct members and associates directly linked to terrorism. Its gives us homilies on terror and calls us soft on terror while allowing its own philosophy to preach terror and its own activists to commit terror. It defines terror on minorities as nationalism and patriotism. It creates Frankenstein's monsters like Pragya Singh and Major Upadhaya and then tries to fool the nation by disowning them when confronted with direct evidence. It is a party which deserves to have no existence in India. Its direct members and associates are directly linked to terrorism. 

On Maharashtra: Prosecute Shri. Thackeray with full vigour. We will oppose every step he takes to legitimize his actions or his utterances. We will oppose him in the courts and we will ensure that outside the court he is not able to create chaos and absence of law and order. In that resolves we are absolutely firm and unwavering.

Based on the media briefing by the Congress spokesperson on October 27, 2008

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