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The Ratan Tata, Barkha Dutt & Other Tapes

The Ratan Tata, Barkha Dutt & Other Tapes

Recordings of conversations with the likes of Ratan Tata, Ranjan Bhattacharya, Barkha Dutt, Shankar Aiyar, Sunil Arora etc

Please allow a few seconds to elapse before the recordings begin. The file names have not been changed by us and have the date and time embedded in them -- this 20090611-155759 suggests. Please note that we have not been able to transcribe most of these conversations and will be adding more and more of the transcripts as we are able to have them typed up. So listen to the tapes for the full conversations and read the incomplete transcriptions only as pointers:

Ratan Tata:

  • IMP-Ratan-Spectrum issue-20090611-155759
  • Ratan-AI offer-AT&T have called off-Raja Kanni affair-20090707-202907
  • Ratan-Maran hitting Raja-20090707-114702

Ranjan Bhattacharya:

  • 16-Cong Apni Dukan20090522-170040
    Quotes Mukesh Ambani: ‘Haan yaar, you know Ranjan, you’re right, ab to Congress apni dukaan hai (now the Congress is our shop).’
  • Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535
    Labelling error -- this recording appears actually to be Ranjan Bhattacharya speaking about appointment of Raja

Shankar Aiyar (then with India Today Group)

  • Shankar Aiyar-20090522-104036
  • Shankar Aiyar--20090522-110908
  • Shankar-Aiyar 20090523-130017
  • Shankar Aiyar-20090522-184449
  • Shankar Aiyar20090522-193809


  • Sunil Arora--45-188819-0-26-20090522-081537
  • Jehangir--12-188819-0-07-20090522-160638
  • 19-Garima-20090522-214910
  • K Raja (not A Raja)23-188819-0-14-20090523-112954

Barkha Dutt:

  • Barkha--18-188819-0-10-20090522-094851
  • Barkha--33-188819-0-21-20090522-095845
  • Barkha Dutt-02-188819-0-01-20090522-104733
  • Barkha--11-188819-0-07-20090522-153129
  • Barkha--09-188819-0-04-20090522-180916
  • Barkha-14-188819-0-08-20090522-192357

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  • Please note: Two of the Ratan Tata files above were earlier in The Power Tapes.