October 28, 2020
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'Such Things Should Not Be Repeated'

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'Such Things Should Not Be Repeated'
Pakistan had been constantly saying since 18th June that Kashmir would be in the top priority of its agenda. Such news were coming to India through different news papers and electronic media but Government of India did not bother about it. 

Pakistan fulfilled its objective and we could not do anything. It was the result of the talk without any preparation. The Prime Minister all of a sudden stopped the cease-fire in Jammu and Kashmir and sent an invitation to the President of Pakistan for talk. Even after the invitation, no preparation for the talk was done. 

For such political talk, some ground work at bureaucratic level should have been done but that was not done. We would like to say that such things should not be repeated in future. 

General Musharraf did not come here for peace. He fulfilled his objectives. He talked here to the Hurriyat leaders on our land. He wanted to internationalise the Kashmir issue and he did so. He fully utilised the media. We once again failed to utilise the media. 

We failed to give message to the people of our country as to who was responsible for the failure of talks. Both the countries were facing many problems and perhaps this talk was necessary to divert the attention of the people of both the countries from those problems. 

The Minister is very well aware of the activities of ISI but no such indication was given that ISI activities would also be discussed during the talk. The Chief Ministers of all the States having border with Pakistan should have been consulted on the issue of cross-border terrorism. 

Pakistan very cleverly termed the terrorism as freedom struggle and terrorists as freedom fighters. Even then, both the countries, particularly India, have been saying that mutual understanding has been developed. 

We would like to know as to how many issues were there on which understanding was reached. Whether the issue of Indian prisoners in Pakistan jails, shelter to hard-core terrorists, mutual trade etc. were discussed and some agreement reached or not? 

The recent Doda massacre shows that the talk was a total failure. We also would like to know as to what happened at the end of the talk and why a joint statement could not be issued? We would appeal to the Government that the talk should continue but before the talk, full preparation should be made.

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