Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Green Club 5 Hundred: The Last Word In Plywood Is Here

In the context Of modern habitable spaces. plywood has emerged as one Of the most versatile infrastructural building blocks. That's why it is significantly important to consider the quality Of plywood just as stringently as one would assess the quality of other building components, like cement or bricks or iron scaffolds.

One of the leading plpvood manufacturers in India, Greenply has never fallen short of
impressing the nation with quality innovations. It has always stressed on the need to choose the right kind Of plywood. and has made the consumer's job easy by introducing a wide range Of categories that are tailor-made to serve a particular building purpose. Green Club 5 Hundred is one such innovation. One could go so far as to say that Green Club 5 Hundred might as well be the last word in plywood.

Lifetime Warranty

A product is only as good as the promises it holds. In case of Green Club 5 Hundred, the
promise is of 500% lifetime warranty. An astronomical figure as far as percentages are
concerned, 500% warranty is not a mere gimmick to arrest the consumer's attention, If it fails to meet the proclaimed standards. the manufacturer is rnore than willing to make it up to you, by paying you 5 times the money you have spent on the product.

Antibacterial Coating

At Greenply, the means is just as important as the end. It is not enough to create something that has exclusive value to the end consumer. A stellar product is built on humane considerations for those who consume. as well as those who put it together. TO that end. Green Club 5 Hundred has been treated with silver oxide. rendering it anti-bacterial. Now it is as safe for the carpenter as it is for the end consumer.

Thicker Face Veneers

Green Club 5 Hundred comes with the promise of insuperable load-bearing capacity, thanks to new and improved thicker face veneers. It is what ensures enhanced durability and strength, making the 500% lifetime warranty a breathing reality.

Penta 5 Technology

Green Club 5 Hundred is the last word on precision. perfection, uniform thickness and smooth finish. Credit's due to the unique Penta 5 technology. perfected through additional pressing Of sheets to make the product hornogeneously durable.

Greenply is known for treading on the road to perfection You can believe its claims without a
second thought. Because they are not only as good as their words, they are 5 times as good as
their promise.