July 28, 2021
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Different Fruit Teas To Enjoy This Monsoon

From strawberries to cranberries there are many delicious fruit blend tea to choose from and make your monsoon memorable

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Different Fruit Teas To Enjoy This Monsoon
Different Fruit Teas To Enjoy This Monsoon

Monsoons are here and it is time to curl up on your bed and enjoy your cup of tea. Be it hot or cold, tea is an enjoyable drink for all. You can have rose tea, jamun tea, mint tea, white tea or just your regular cup of milk tea. The choice is entirely yours. No wonder tea is rightly called nature’s tranquilizer. But the latest craze among tea lovers is the fruit tea.

Exotic Fruit tea is enough to make anyone fall in love with the feeling of monsoon. There are many benefits of drinking fruit tea since it is packed with assorted vitamins and minerals. Fruit teas are black teas flavoured with a natural essence of fruit. Brands like Teabox, Twinnings and Dilmah has unveiled a variety of new “Fruit Blends”. They have crafted some delectable blends made from handpicked fruits of the season with a rare spin to it. Berries and spices, mangoes and herbs, sweet and tart, the new concoctions will surprise your senses. There are some unique fruit tea blends like kiwi lemon ginger blend tea and cranberry and raspberry tea which are hot favourite among tea lovers.

The health benefits of tea gets all the more promising if it is blended with fruit. For instance, the Mint Jamun Black is a blending of the sweet tartness of Jamun and rounding it off with refreshing mint. A sure pick-me-up on a bright sunny afternoon, this tea is nothing short of a miracle for the taste buds. Next up is the Chilli Berry Black: the result of a session between strawberry cheesecakes with a select black tea. This tea blends the juicy flavours of apple, hibiscus, strawberry and pineapple with the spiciness of chilies and ginger making it an adventurous choice for the summer. Since summer in India is synonymous with Mango, the Mango Strawberry Black tea is rich and succulent with an edge of passion fruit and spearmint when enjoyed over ice and is sure to stave off the sweat. Making a striking appearance in this collection is the Blackberry Black with the highs of blueberries and an undertone of blackberries and strawberries that rolls perfectly in the mouth and leaves on a crisp note.

These masterpiece concoctions are sure to bring out the monsoon vibe and transport tea enthusiasts to a shaded veranda overlooking the ocean, or a rooftop patio as the sun sets, perfectly imbibing the monsoon vibe. Kausshal Dugarr, founder and CEO of Teabox says, “This collection is a result of a very creative exploration of flavours. It brings me a lot of pleasure that our endeavor to create these unconventional pairings and blend them into a masterpiece has yielded such results. We want to offer our customers an experience that is very different from the traditional chais and replace the usual offering of sugary drinks with our healthy, freshly blended fruit teas that can be consumed both cold and hot.”


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