October 29, 2020
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Respected Shri Atal jee...

Full (unedited) text of the letter from Brahmanand Mandal to the Prime Minister, emphasising the link between Nitish Kumar and mafia gangs in Bihar.

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Respected Shri Atal jee...

Brahmanand Mandal
Member of Parliament
(Lok Sabha)

14 C Ferozeshah Road
New Delhi - 110001
Phone: 23353870

Date: May 10, 2003

Respected Shri Atal jee,


Please refer to letter dated April 02, 2003 and April 09, 2003 regarding corruption and malpractices in the Ministry of Railways under the stewardship of Shri Nitish Kumar.

At the out set please allow me to correct a reference mistake that has crept in Para II of my letter dated April 02, 2003 and page 3 of letter dated April 09, 2003. It has been mentioned 32.2.1 of Works, Machinery, and Rolling Stocks, Programme of Railways for 2003 - 2004 Part II detailed Programme item no 12 but it should be page no. 31.2.1.

In communication to you the link of Shri Nitish Kumar with Crime Mafia Gangs in Bihar has been emphasized. I wish to draw your attention to scandal IV in our letter dated April 09, 2003. The relevant sentence is as follows -

"Every body in Bihar knows that most of the Railway contracts in Bihar in the above mentioned scandals have gone to known Crime Mafia Gangs of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Their closeness to Shri Nitish Kumar is no more secret." In confirmation of this statement I invite your attention to a news item published in Hindustan Times - Patna Edition, and another news item published in Hindi newspaper Aaj of Patna. The Hindustan Times has a screaming headline on the first page " Crime Mafia Gangs battle over Rly's territorial rights" "Lucrative contracts behind war of supremacy among criminals - turned - politicians." This news item is based on the communication of Shri Amitabh Kumar Das, the then Superintendent of Railway Police, (SRP) Patna. And hence the authenticity of the news item is not in doubt. The names of three Crime Mafia Gangs who have got the Railway Contracts on territorial basis have been mentioned in the news. The photocopy of this news item is being attached with this letter. Shri Amitabh Kumar Das has been removed by Shri Nitish Kumar, acting in league with Shri Laloo Prasad Yadev. News item of Hindi Daily - Aaj points out that the Crime Mafia Gangs have completely captured the Railways Construction Contracts and the result is that the quality of work suffers. The Underworld has been given full share of the Railways contracts. There is every possibility of major accidents happening and they are sure to involve huge loss of life and property. Infact a news item of Hindi daily - Aaj published on 23 March 2003 points out that a bridge, which had been constructed only two months back has gone into dilapidated condition. It has been declared damaged even before its inauguration (Photocopy of the news item is attached). This bridge is Bridge No. 18 onFathua - Hilsa Rail section. Capital and money are invested in the railways for the convenience and safety of the traveling public but here the constructions are going on for mass killing of the innocent passengers and draining away the money in to the pockets of crime mafia gangs.

Further I have got the information that on 17 Jan 2003 three tenders were to be opened but one of the condition in the tender was to find out that the tenderers are duly qualified or not and therefore there was a condition of credential Verification. This condition was against the Crime Mafia Gangs who could not be qualified. It was Shri S.K.Vij - The Chief Administrative Officer - who had imposed this condition. The Crime Mafia Gangs wanted Mr.Vij to be removed and also the pre condition to be removed. Acting according to the wishes and interest of the Crime Mafia Gangs the Railway authority at the dictation of Shri Nitish Kumar removed Mr. Vij and Shri Shyam Kumar took his place. The Pre-Qualification Condition of Credential Verification was removed by Shri Shyam Kumar and thus the door was flung open for the Crime Mafia Gangs to enter the Construction Contracts. Finally the criminal Crime Mafias grabbed all the Railway Contracts which were given in proportion to their status in the crime world and in the territories where they operate.

The state of affairs obtaining in the Ministry of Railways is extremely deplorable. It has following dangerous and explosive consequences -

1. The image of NDA Government at the center is being sullied and besmirched and if no timely action is taken the possibility of reviving and repairing the image of the NDA Government will vanish.

2. All the development projects will come to nullity because of the direct takeover by the Crime Mafia Gangs. 3. The taxes collected from the masses of our country are reaching the pockets of criminal elements and the Ministry Railways has become a safe and certain conduit.

4. Your fair name and reputation is nose-diving and the assets in the shape of your integrity are being frittered away and this is a great loss to the nation.

5. The whole thing amounts to legitimizing and institutionalized the Crime Mafiosi.

Hence I request you to take action before it is late.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

Brahmanad Mandal

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Honorable Prime Minister of India

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