January 17, 2020
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Rajat Sharma Panel Clean Sweeps DDCA Elections 12-0

Defeated Madan Lal panel says results “not accepted” while Vikas Singh expresses ​"​surprise​" ​at the sweep.

Rajat Sharma Panel Clean Sweeps DDCA Elections 12-0
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Rajat Sharma Panel Clean Sweeps DDCA Elections 12-0

Well-known TV journalist Rajast Sharma and his 11 panel members swept the ‘historic’ Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) elections, the results of which were announced on Monday. Sharma (1,521 votes) won the president’s post by beating former India all-rounder Madan Lal (1,004 votes) by 517 votes while senior lawyer Vikas Singh came third as he polled 232 votes.

The two panels, led by Madan Lal and Vikas Singh, said they would study the results and then take any action, if required. Shashi Khanna, wife of BCCI acting president CK Khanna and who contested for the vice-president’s post as part of the Madan Lal panel, straightaway rejected the results while Vikas expressed “surprise” at the clean sweep by Rajat Sharma panel as there was “no wave in his favour”.

Rajesh Kumar Bansal, younger brother of former DDCA president Sneh Bansal, beat Shashi by 278 votes. 


 “We just can’t accept this result. This is blatant cheating. This sweep cannot happen. We openly challenge these results. We are going to take action against these results. We will sit down and decide what kind of action we will take,” Shashi Khanna told Outlook after the results were announced on the DDCA website.

 Vikas Singh, on the other hand, seems to have accepted his defeat but was surprised at the 12-0 clean sweep. “The government-controlled National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) was used for conducting these elections. We will have to find out how it worked. But I am very surprised at the margins of defeat and the clean sweep. There was no wave in favour of the Rajat Sharma group,” Singh told Outlook.

 These elections were held after five years, the last one being in 2013. After that the DDCA administration came to a screeching halt as several cases of alleged financial malpractices surfaced.

 These were ‘historic’ elections as it was the first ever occasion in DDCA’s 88 years’ existence when all members were asked to vote in person, following the abolition of the proxy system of voting. This change came about only after the DDCA amended its constitution to incorporate the recommendations of the Lodha Committee. 2791 of the 3828 voters exercised their franchise. 

 According to the changes that have been incorporated, the new DDCA Executive Committee would comprise five office-bearers – president, vice-president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and seven directors. But, again as per Lodha Committee recommendations, one woman director is mandatory among seven. Earlier, there were a total of 24 elected members, and three government nominees (as DDCA is registered as a company) and there was no woman director. Now there would be four government nominees.


  • President

Rajat Sharma 1521

Madan Lal 1004

Vikas Singh 232

  • Vice President

Rakesh Kumar Bansal 1364

Shashi Khanna 1086

Arvinder Singh Lovely 273 

  • Secretary

Vinod Kumar Tihara 1374

Manjit Singh 998

Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary 207 

  • Joint Secretary

Rajan Manchanda 1402

Pushpendra Chauhan 953

Ahmad Tamim 269

  • Treasurer

O P Sharma1365 

Deepak Singhal 1075 

S P Verma 216

  • First Class Cricketer Director

Sanjay Bhardwaj 1241

Anjali Sharma 891

Surender Khanna 479

  • Women Director
Renu Khanna 1342

Sucheta Nagpal 840

Devyani Singh 293

  • 5 Directors

Alok Mittal 1325

Nitin Gupta 1291

Mr. Apurv Jain 1286

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Aggarwal 1095

Mr. Shiv Nandan Sharma 972

RESULTS of Elections=July 2, 2018 by OutlookMagazine on Scribd

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