January 18, 2021
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Market Mayhem

The Ketan Parekh story, and the murky details of the stock market crisis. Read all about it!

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Market Mayhem
Market Mayhem

For those who want to relive the terror on the bourses and for those interested in learning from the many mistakes, here's a comprehensive collection of articles about the recent crisis in the stock market. From Ketan Parekh's predilection for glamorous parties to the steps taken by Sebi to contain the crisis to the double whammy of Infosys' Q4 results, this package covers the whole range of issues leading up to the crisis and the resultant aftershocks.

That Sinking Feeling!
The market heads further south as the "K-10" scandal widens. And, what's worse, there's no prospect of an early restoration of investor confidence.

Infy Disappoints, Drags Down Market
Infosys' Q4 results reflect a 'double whammy':in addition to a contraction in margins, there are signs of a slowdown in topline growth.

Bear-Hug And After
It's a sordid tale of one man's greed but its repercussions could be severe for even the Indian economy.

Life And Times Of KP
He is a media recluse but loves to party with the glamorous and the politically connected.

Hits And Misses
Sebi steps in to revive the market and investor confidence. But not all its measures are on target.

The Bigger Picture
Knee-jerk reactions won't do. What's needed is a systemic overhaul, including of the market regulator.

The Scam Vaccine
Markets can be safe. But for that, we need watchdogs with bite.

Too Hot To Handle
Prices are down and there are great bargains to be had in the market. But ICE is another story.

Patience, Not Prozac
Political and economic concerns are public knowledge, and seem factored into share prices.

A Deadly Mistress Called Greed
When you invest in a stock you think will quickly give you 30% be ready to lose as much as quick.

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