Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

'Islam Permits Weapons In Mosques'

The Lashkar chief says it is war and says the jehad will continue

Pakistan-based militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba has said Islam permits mujahideens (holy warriors) to carry weapons inside mosques during the times of war.

"Whatever situation prevails in the valley, mujahideens have to wear arms all the time. Wearing arms is compulsory for them in a war-like situation. They cannot move without weapons, as they are in constant danger. In war-like situations, Islam permits to wear weapons in mosques also," Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed said in an interview with BBC.

He said the situation in Kashmir is such that the outfit's members cannot walk without weapons because of the huge presence of the Indian army. 

To a question whether his organisation was prepared to withdraw its cadre in view of the peace moves between India and Pakistan, he said, "when the Indian army is present everywhere equipped with arms and oppressing people, how can it be expected of the mujahideens that they will stop their activities.

"We have given a very clear policy that the Indian army should stop its repressive activities and whenever it is pulled back, mujahideens will stop their activities."

To a question, Saeed said "how can we abandon jehad (holy war) from our side when Indian government is playing double game."

He ruled out declaring a ceasefire by his organisation saying that the question does not arise due to heavy presence of Indian security forces.

Asked why the Lashkar was being held responsible for sabotaging the peace process, he said, "no, we do not accept this blame. 

"It is by the grace of Allah that mujahideen of Lashkar-e-Toiba are making fidayeen (suicide) attacks on Indian army. And ndian army is too much disturbed with mujahideen of the Lashkar. We will not shun jehad. It is our stance that until and unless Indian army leaves Kashmir, we will not move backward".