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Madhya Pradesh: Losing Parents To COVID-19, CBSE Topper Aspires To Fulfil Her Father’s Wish

Vanisha Pathak, 16 year old girl lost both her parents to COVID-19 just two months back.

Madhya Pradesh: Losing Parents To COVID-19, CBSE Topper Aspires To Fulfil Her Father’s Wish
Vanisha Pathak along with his family. (Pic:Twitter) -

It has been both a spring of hope and a winter of despair for Vanisha Pathak, who has topped Class X CBSE exams. In the course of her journey, the 16-year-old girl lost her both parents to COVID-19, just two months ago.

Not only, the teenager stood tall against the tragedy that came her way, but also topped her examination.

She has scored 100 in her English, Sanskrit, Science and Social Science Class X CBSE exams, and 97 in Mathematics, reported NDTV

With her parents gone, and gloom descending over the house, Vanisha’s achievement has brought some cheer to the household.

"(The memory of) my parents obviously kept me motivated and will motivate me throughout my life (but) he (the brother) is the biggest source of motivation right now... I am all he has and that keeps me going. I need to do something," Pathak told NDTV.

"The last thing my mother said to me was 'just believe in yourself... we will back soon'. The last words of my father were 'beta, himmat rakhna' (stay strong, my child)," she told the news channel.

“I spoke to Ma the last time on May 2. She died on May 4, My relatives didn’t tell me as Papa was still in hospital. I spoke him with the last time on May 10, not knowing it would be the last time. He died on May 15. Only then did my relatives tell me that I had lost both parents. I could not even see my mother’s body,” TOI quoted Vanisha as having said.

NDTV mentioned Vanisha’s parents- Jeetendra Kumar Pathak - was a financial advisor, and her mother, Dr Seema Pathak - was a teacher at a government school.
According to NDTV, she now aspires to fulfill her father’s dream of getting.

The news channel states, Vanisha now writes eulogies in memory of her deceased parents.
"I'll be a strong girl, daddy, without you...", the channel mentioned.


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