Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

India's Stature Rising On World Stage, One Can Experience It: PM Modi In Gujarat

The world can see that India is at the forefront of several positive changes taking place at the world stage, he said.

PM Modi speaks at an event organised by Gujarat unit of the BJP. (ANI)

India's stature is rising on the world stage and a glimpse of the respect the country has globally was seen during the 'HowdyModi' event in Houston, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday.

The world can see that India is at the forefront of several positive changes taking place at the world stage, he said, during an event organised by BJP's state unit to felicitate him for his speech at the UN General Assembly.

"At the Houston programme, Republicans and Democrats spoke. Their attending the HowdyModi event was very special," he said.

"The fact that India always believes in taking everyone along has also been noted," Modi said. "Respect for India is increasing all over. One can experience the change," he added.

A large poster of of Modi and US President Donald Trump was put up on stage.

"The strength and the value of Indian passport has increased. The world sees those holding Indian passport with respect," Modi said.

Modi said 'HowdyModi' has become a talking point among all world leaders he met after the event.

"The fact that the US President came to the Indian event and stayed there for such a long time was great. After speeches, when I requested him, he came for a round of stadium without considering security protocol. I thank him and all those who organised the event," Modi said.

"In a way, the world is looking at India with great eagerness. The world was curious about India, a huge country with a vibrant democracy and it is hopeful that India's participation will be most significant whenever there are opportunities to bring about global changes," he said.

India has the capacity to take the world together due to our ideals, behaviour and culture, he said.

Modi also referred to his 2014 proposal in the UN for the International Yoga Day, which he said was passed in the shortest time.

He said during his US visit, Mahatma Gandhi was given "real tribute" by world leaders at the United Nations.

"Gandhi was with us, is with us and will be there for future generations," he said.

Modi also spoke of the "immense enthusiasm" at the UN for Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary celebrations.

"Take any problem the world faces, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi offer solutions to those challenges," he said.

Singers of over 150 countries rendered Gandhiji's famous 'Vaishnav Jan..' bhajan in their language, Modi said. These singers tried to understand the feeling, meaning and message of the song, he said.