Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

‘Touch It’ Hitmaker KIDI Took ‘About A Week’ To Complete The Viral Song

In an interview with Outlook, 28-year-old singer KIDI, talks about the reasons behind the virality of his recently released single ‘Touch It’.

KIDI of 'Touch It' song fame

Ghanian singer-songwriter Dennis Nana Dwamena aKa KIDI always knew, that his recently released song ‘Touch It’, would be a popular song, but he never imagined that it would become a viral song on the Internet.

“I just went into making a song that has good vibes. People hear it and want to move their bodies. They want to dance on it. They are basically happy. So I'm happy that the effect of the song is actually happening in real life and I'm super excited to be, to have such a song doing well globally,” he tells us. 

Speaking about the several Instagram reels that have been made around his song, including many Indian celebrities, KIDI says, “I've seen a couple of reels from so many people from India, the celebrities. I don't remember their names, but I have a couple of favorites. They Are all group ones. I think it was the one with the police officer dancing, and then she's a police officer but was dancing to it. And I think there was one near the waterfall or a river and they were dancing to it. It was amazing to see.”

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The 28-year-old feels that the song’s hook-line is the primary reason behind its global virality. “It's all about ‘shut-up and bend over’ everyone loves that line. Whether you like it or not, that line gets stuck in your head every time you hear it. So, I believe that line is a driving force in getting the song to where it is right now. It's taking the song to where it's at right now,” he says revealing that the song only took a week to finish entire song.

“My inspiration comes from hearing a beat. The beats inspire me. So for the moment if I'm the one producing it, I have to finish the beat before I get inspired. If the beat is being sent to me, I have to hear it and be inspired. So, whatever happens, beats inspire me. I hear a melody in the beat or a baseline or a groove or the chords. Those are the things that inspire me to come up with any idea for any song,” he says.

“It took around an hour to write and record the Touch It song, and roughly a week to finish mixing and mastering. So the entire song probably took a week to complete,” he signs off.