Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Sushmita Sen Talks About Salman Khan Praising 'Aarya' Poster: It Was Very Gracious

"I think it’s time for us not to be apologetic about a woman taking center stage," said Sushmita Sen.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. Instagram/ @sushmitasen47

In a recent interview, actress Sushmita Sen had talked about ’90s heroines not getting their due space on film posters and hoardings as the focus was always on the heroes. Coincidentally, one of her ’90s’ heroes, Salman Khan, shared a photo of hoarding of Sen’s successful web series, 'Aarya Season 2'. Khan had spotted the hoarding on his way to work and shared it on Instagram with a few words of appreciation for his ‘Biwi No 1’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kia’ co-star.

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 In an interview with News18, Sen sounded excited about Salman Khan’s gesture. “I’ve come full circle. I’m so glad you noticed that. I was like, ‘This is amazing’. It’s just pure coincidence, I think. He did call me and mentioned that he was driving to a studio to shoot and on the way he saw the hoarding, and he said, ‘I stopped in my tracks. I was like, wow, that has such an impact.’ So it was very gracious of Salman. Also, I think it’s time for us not to be apologetic about a woman taking center stage," Sen says.

When Sen was asked about Harnaz Sandhu's win at Miss Universe, the first Miss Universe winner from country said she’s been praying for this since 2000: the year Lara Dutta won the pageant.

“Since Lara won, I have been hopeful that India is going to win again very soon. Because we not only have beautiful women, we have women with a lot of substance. Finally, Harnaaz at 21 comes up. And I watched her on-stage interview - such a young person, so confident, so much faith I saw in this girl’s eyes. It took me back in time and I’m so proud of her. I’m so proud of us, we finally have another victory,” she shares.

Sushmita Sen made her acting debut after a ten-year hiatus with the online series 'Aarya.' The show, directed by Ram Madhvani, has continued its success with Season 2, which debuted last week on Disney+ Hotstar. When asked if this is the biggest success of her career so far, she said, “Every time something does well, at that moment in time, it’s your biggest success. As an actor, in case of a theatrical release, you look forward to a Friday. For an OTT release, you look forward to an entire season. It’s an ongoing process."

“We believed in the content when Aarya season one was being made, that’s the reason I came out of the hiatus. I believed in the content, the maker, the platform – Disney+ Hotstar. It was an outstanding coming together of a project. But no, I did not obviously know at that point that it would be so successful. OTT never had any best actresses. Suddenly we had these new awards which we won - we got seven best actresses, we got an Emmy nomination, we got a big shout out from the globe. It was overwhelming,” she adds.