Sunday, Jun 26, 2022

Simba Nagpal: Karan Kundrra And Tejasswi Prakash’s Romance Isn’t Fake, But It’s A Forced Relationship

Simba Nagpal, who was evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 15’ this weekend, speaks up about his time inside the ‘Bigg Boss 15’, and where things went wrong for him.

Simba Nagpal: Karan Kundrra And Tejasswi Prakash’s Romance Isn’t Fake, But It’s A Forced Relationship
Simba Nagpal

‘Bigg Boss 15’s latest contestant-evict is Simba Nagpal. He has been time and again accused of not grabbing the limelight on the show and being in his own world. Talking to Outlook, he talks loud and clear about how he was feeling like the odd one out in the house, about where things went wrong for him, about Karan Kundrra-Tejasswi Prakash’s love story, and what has been his learning from the show. Excerpts from the chat:

Were you enjoying your stay in the house or were you feeling out of place?

Definitely, I was enjoying my stay in the house but at the same time, I also did feel like an odd one out since everyone was trying to showcase a different version of themselves. Everyone was trying to show themselves to be a person that they were not. Everyone was trying their best to raise a topic or aggressive remarks. There were fights that were actually not real but for me, it had to be real and the people with whom I have connected well within the show were also real. I’d just like to say I didn’t feel like I was out of place but I did feel like the odd one out. Overall my journey in the house was really good and I have really learnt a lot. It has been an eye-opening and really rejuvenating experience.

Where do you think you went wrong?

I don’t think I went wrong anywhere. I feel I have played and portrayed myself in the way I wanted to. I had loads of time in the house to think about the fact if I was doing it the right way and in the end, I just chose to be myself because I don’t want to send any wrong message to the audience. I showed my real self in the house, the way I am in real life and that is good enough for me. Wrong or right is again just an opinion.

What’s your opinion about the format of ‘Bigg Boss’?

My viewpoint of ‘Bigg Boss’ was completely different from that of others. For me, it was a platform about relationships and personality on which I put a lot of effort but never forced anything or anyone. When it comes to politics, I stay away from it. You can judge anyone in any way you want to because it is all part of the game. I think I gave my best and I could have done more if I wanted to but I chose not to because that is not me.

What is your take on Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash romance?

I have answered the same question many times before. Both Karan and Tejasswi are really good human beings individually and they are very mature, experienced and emotional but if I talk about their relationship, fake would be the wrong word to use; I think it is a forced relationship because I don’t see any sort of compatibility in them. They are both very different individuals. Maybe it is real, you never know but from what I have seen, I feel that it is a forced relationship.

Any positives with which you have come back from the Big Boss house that you will cherish for life?

There are only positive things that I have learnt from the show. The show has been one of the most memorable shows for me, that I will cherish for life in terms of experience. I am very grateful that I got a chance to live with so many people, I got to know them and now they are a part of my life. When it comes to situations, I went inside the house with a challenge that if ever I have to face a difficult situation, how I am going to react to that.

You did handle many situations quite calmly…

I believe that I had handled all the situations calmly and that is what I have learnt that however difficult a situation we are facing in life we have to be calm and patient because, in the end, everything will end up being fine. One should just keep working towards their passion. I also realised that whatever I had learnt from life was absolutely right. I believe that whatever happens, there should be no negativity in your mind and heart. One should never take their fans or the audience for granted. Overall the ‘Bigg Boss’ journey has been positive for me.