Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

Salman Khan Opens Up On His Dream Project, 'Salman Talkies'

“Yes we had plans to open up theatres,” said the actor while talking about his project 'Salman Talkies'

Salman on his next venture, 'Salman Talkies'

In addition to balancing his roles as an actor and producer, superstar Salman Khan has been working on the project, 'Salman Talkies.'

During an interview with the star, ETimes inquired about the theatre chain he was excited to open up for his fans.

Khan candidly states “Yes we had plans to open up theatres,” he admitted and went on to explain, “We planned to open them up, hopefully, it’ll be sometime soon.” 

When asked if the pandemic had made him reconsider his decision, he simply shrugged and said “It is still in the works. We were planning it but everything was put on hold (owing to the pandemic). Slowly we will get back to it, but definitely someday.”

Those hoping to see these theatres in major cities may be a bit disappointed to learn that Khan intends to open them on the outskirts of cities and in rural India, where people lack access to luxurious spaces like that of the theatres.

He states “We had planned to open them up in smaller towns where people didn’t have access to theatres. Not here in cities like Mumbai.”

Khan met with several producers, distributors, and exhibitors for this pet project in order to solidify his plan and gain a better understanding of the market's workings. According to reports, the actor will launch the project in Maharashtra first, then expand it to other states over the next ten years.

Actor Salman Khan will soon return to the big screen in his home production 'Antim: The Final Truth,' which also stars his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma.