Monday, Aug 08, 2022

Sai Pallavi Got Accustomed To OTT Viewing But 'Love Story' Changed That

The actress says that she too, like thousands of people around the world had started getting comfortable with watching films on digital space.

Actress Sai Pallavi was recently seen in 'Shyam Singha Roy'. Instagram

Actress Sai Pallavi's recent Telugu release 'Shyam Singha Roy' released to positive response at the box office. This is her second -theatrical release after cinema houses opened post second lockdown. Before this, her romantic film 'Love Story' co-starring Naga Chaitanya released in September, getting a grand welcome by cinema-goers.

The actress reveals that during the lockdown, she had also given the magic of theatres a backseat.

"To be very honest, during the lockdown, even I got accustomed to watching films on OTT and it was very comfortable. Sometimes you are not very keen on watching something particularly, so you can forward it or if you are busy, you can watch later. So, I got used to it," Sai Pallavi tells us.

Revealing, what changed that, she said, "Then around the time, when my film (Love Story) was releasing, actually went to the theatres and watched how people reacted to it. It is like how, abroad people go to these concerts and become a community at that point. Like a team, they all just celebrate one thing and its music. Over here in India, compared to concerts, theatres are actually enjoy. So, the vibes and energies are completely different. So, once I went to theatres again, I realised that this was something which we should never miss again."

Sai Pallavi, who will next be seen alongside actor Rana Daggubati in 'Virata Parvam', hopes that people don't forget the experience that comes with watching films on the big screen.

"Though we have a lot of OTT, I really hope that people go and watch films in theatres because it is about a team thing and energy you get is so different. You can enjoy the film in theatres and later when you watch it within your comfort zone on phone or laptop, I don't know if it will have the same effect or not," she says.