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Meet Ruhee Dosani, Famous Digital Content Creator Who Is Ruling Social Media With Her Videos

Meet Ruhee Dosani, Famous Digital Content Creator Who Is Ruling Social Media With Her Videos

If you are someone who loves watching foreigners groove to peppy Bollywood music, Ruhee Dosani’s social media page is the place to be.


During the lockdown, when the world was dealing with the ongoing pandemic, light-hearted and fun content turned out to be a saving grace. Be it entertainment on OTT platforms or apps such as Instagram, the content creators made sure we get through the tough time.

These digital content creators rose to fame during this time – When people were low on creativity and couldn't pull themselves to be productive, Ruhee Dosani kept churning videos after videos to keep her followers entertained.

If you are someone who loves watching foreigners groove to peppy Bollywood music, Ruhee Dosani’s social media page is the place to be. Described as a ‘Punjab di kudi living abroad’ on Instagram, she and her ‘We Desi’ friends are quite popular for taking on songs ranging from Bhojpuri to Punjabi and even Yashraj Mukhate’s mashups!

In an exclusive interview with Outlook’s Eshita Bhargava, Ruhee Dosani spoke about her journey, what inspired her to come up with innovative content, how content creators stay monetarily afloat in the initial stages, and much more.

Excerpts from the interview:

How did you get into content creation? How did it all start?

I'm a Punjabi girl. We've always been perceived to be cheerful and positive. I've always found ways to keep myself amused since I was a kid. To be a delight, to make people laugh along with me, I have this built-in vitality and vibrancy. Without any intention of content production, I began making videos. For recreation, I love creating videos. I'm going to keep doing so.

Tell us something about yourself?

Ok, in the United States, they know me as a "tech-savvy," but a content creator in India. Besides that, I'm a person living in the moment who wants to make the most of it. I follow by a principle of doing everything passionately. I am just a happy soul who enjoys spreading great energy and I am grateful to have a platform where I can do that.

How has the landscape for content creators changed in recent time?

From where I'm at, I can honestly say that the creators are truly appreciated for their good graft by viewers. In this era, content creators have made quite a mark. I must admit that with the positivity and encouragement they throw at me, I am overawed. It makes us stronger.

You became very popular and successful at a very young age. When you experienced such fame, what was it like? Tell us about the good and the bad of the experience.

It was never part of my imagination to obtain such level of love and recognition, but yes, being successful is always my objective. I am a very motivated and enthusiastic person. When it comes to being successful, to be frank, there is no age barrier for me, I certainly believe in destiny that goes along with perseverance and belief. It came when it was least anticipated and since then I have always embraced the journey of a flight of fame. I've had fantastic experiences and I don't think any personal experiences ever to have gone wrong. I have an open mind about the thoughts and preferences of people and I don't mind any of that. This has been one hell of a ride 

Do you feel you are stuck with it now? Would you have chosen differently if you had to pick options at this point of time?

Stuck??? As long as I am in control of my choices, nothing can weaken me. This feels like the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am incredibly gratified. Who said I just had to pick one? I feel like I've just begun and I've got all the horizons to explore. Belief and commitment, in all one does, will bear fruit.

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To sustain one channel is a lot of work. How are you managing it all? Is there a pressure of creating content regularly?

The aim in life has always been doing what you love. I am young and full of vigour, I enjoy my work and will manage it with how much I can endure. With any challenges I come across I will find a way to deal with it, without it affecting my content.

Do you work on your content? Take us through your ideation process – from the first thought to publishing and marketing the video.

The best thing about our content is that it is all spontaneous. Bollywood has the best of songs and using it to kinda recreate versions is fun. There is no blueprint or PPT’s happening in my backyard. It is just a group of friends and family having a blast. Creating videos for fun.

Do you think, your team (friends and of course, your mother) should also be given credits for the amazing videos?

No suggestions go without saying

How do people make money on social media? What is the process?

Which is the one video you enjoyed making the most? And, why?

The best part about every video is explaining my friends the meaning of the song and how engrossed they get when it comes to showing expressions or lip-syncing.

What would you say is your USP?

My Braid has superpowers. I feel empowered with it. My high level of energy is my USP. I believe in being high on life. No external drugs needed.

Who is your favourite content creator?

Yashraj Mukhate, Niharika NM, Ashish Chanchalani are my top favs

How do you suggest upcoming content creators stay monetarily afloat in the initial stages?

Even though I have just begun my journey as a content creator. I can’t be optimal with my suggestions. But I can say this, Work hard, keep generating content. Nothing comes easy. There’s no manual to your abilities but just your experiences, insights from it and most importantly taking it one day at a time. In the beginning, you will not see results, but over time, you can see results as you get better.

As an influence on millions, do you feel a sense of responsibility towards your followers?

Just as Spiderman says,' with great power comes great responsibilities.' With the ever-growing followers, I feel the same. I just want to keep them happy and have a positive impact. I love my audience and I couldn’t have asked for more.

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Does instant fame come with drawbacks?

What doesn't have drawbacks? Anything in excess is prejudicial. As long as you hold the facts in check and don't go cuckoo in the head with all the 'FAME,' we're perfect.

What's next?

Just wait for it (no idea LOLLLL) 

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Thoda popcorn lo and buckle up. There is a lot in store for my fun-loving audience.