Friday, Aug 12, 2022

‘Aarya 2’ Creator Ram Madhvani On Show’s Success: Were Worried If People Would Accept The Climax

Creator Ram Madhvani talks about the success of the second season of the gritty family-crime-thriller ‘Aarya 2’, starring Sushmita Sen.

Filmmaker Ram Madhvani and actor Sushmita Sen. Instagram

The second season of ‘Aarya’, created by Ram Madhvani has received a lot of acclaim, when it was released earlier this year, and Madhavani feels that actress Sushmita Sen, who plays the titular role in the series, is one of the primary reasons why the show has become so popular.

“I think when one is working with someone like a Sushmita Sen, it is not just about the show like ‘Aarya’, but it is also a responsibility, keeping in mind what Sushmita stands for in the public’s eye, the kind of person she is. There has to be justice for people looking at her,” he says.

Sen essays the role of an urban woman, who takes care of her kids and will fight any number of challenges to protect them including a face-off with her family and dealing with the king-pins of the drug business.

“So, it’s a nice feeling, to see that the show has been received well, and that we have managed to keep Sushmita’s image outside of ‘Aarya2’, also intact. I am really happy to see that the fit between Aarya and Sushmita was just right, not only because it helped grow Aarya’, but at the same time it also protected Sushmita and what she stands for,” he adds.

With a gripping plot and a great climax, Madhvani made sure that the series did not lose the plot with the major incidents and events unfolding, in the 17 episodes, so far. The series poses questions that not only relate to the characters but also to the audience and that's what makes it relatable and popular. The last episode and the climax of the season has left viewers wanting more.

“Season 2 is always tricky, because there is a burden of expectations. We had a certain confidence, but the idea was to not get complacent because of that. So, there was a sense of both nervousness and excitement (laughs). How do we live up to the first season and what we expect, things like that,” he says.

“It’s like an origin story. The first two seasons are about how Aarya becomes what she never wanted to be. It is a nice thing to see people accept the depths of it, and everyone has reacted so well to the climax. We were worried about people’s acceptance. But I guess that she goes through much, that by the time, in episode 8, she decided not to run away, audience wanted that. It’s got more numbers than the first season for sure,” adds Madhvani.

In a typical Madhavani fashion, the filmmaker is humbled by the response. “All I will say is that yes, we have landed again, and we have landed safely,” he signs off.