December 06, 2020
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Degrading Institutions

Whether it is the governors or the CBI, or the ED or the IT department or the CVC, all their heads are carefully chosen to suit the Congress party's interests. Now take the CFSL (CBI) Delhi...

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Degrading Institutions

From 4th May onwards, I have written various letters to the special cell of the Delhi Police, the Home Minister and the Prime Minister, for giving me a copy of the report of the CFSL Chandigarh, which has declared the CD, purportedly containing a conversation between me, Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh, to be a fabricated CD, with the conversation being a cut and paste job.

It is indeed suspicious that the report of CFSL (CBI) Delhi, declaring the conversation in the CD to be authentic, was promptly released, while the report given by CFSL Chandigarh is being kept under wraps.

Since the director of CFSL (CBI) Delhi is an ad-hoc appointee, whose confirmation as director is yet to be decided by the appointment committee, which has both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister on it, it was easy for influential congress leaders to pressure it to do an unpardonable job of declaring the CD, which was an obvious fabrication, to be an authentic one

Since the CFSL (CBI) Delhi gives hundreds of reports even year in criminal cases, it was necessary to take action against the scientists. including the ad-hoc director who has signed the report. in order to salvage the reputation of CFSL (CBI) Delhi.

Every knowledgeable person in India has known that for the last four decades, the Congress has been systematically compromising every independent institution in the country and making them the handmaidens of the party to suit its interests.

Whether it is the governors or the CBI, or the enforcement directorate or the income tax department or the CVC, all their heads are carefully chosen to suit the Congress party's interests. This can be seen in the way the previous CVC. who was removed by the Supreme court. was chosen by the Prime Minister and the Home minister, or the way in which the CBI is behaving in the two corruption cases against Mayawati (The Taj corridor case and the disproportionate assets case). in which the CB1 has filed charge- sheets, by changing their stance from time to time, whenever the Congress party needs the help of Mayawati.

The Congress had degraded independent institutions to such an extent that. in 1977, when I became Law minister, the then chief election commissioner, who was appointed during the congress government's tenure, came to pay a courtesy call in my office, and I was truly shocked. when he quietly suggested to me that whenever I wanted something to be done by the election commission, I should quietly speak to him.

Even the Chief Justice of India, M.H. Beg, was chosen by superseding the great judge H.R. Khanna. who attained worldwide fame for his dissent in the Habeas Corpus case during emergency. M.H. Beg had of course ingratiated himself to the Congress by deciding (of course wrongly) Indira Gandhi's election petition in a blatantly unfair manner, where he decided upon points without even allowing the counsel to address the court on them.

The latest instance of the flagrant misuse of the Governor's of fice by the Congress is H.R. Bhardwaj's latest report to the centre, recommending President's rule in Karnataka.

Being now totally convinced that even with a very honest and well meaning Prime Minister, the Congress government is not going to stop its misuse of all institutions that were meant to be independent, I have decided not to have any further correspondence either with the Prime Minister or the Home minister, but to raise these issues only in the People's Court, where the ultimate sovereignty resides in a Republic.

Ultimately it is only the people and the Supreme Court which the Congress government will have to face.

It is only under the very strict monitoring by the Supreme Court, that the CBI, the ED and the IT department have been compelled to do their job, on account of which a former cabinet minister, top bureaucrats, and corporate honchos find themselves in Tihar jail.

It is for this reason that I am opening a line directly w ith the people of India to tell them how low the influential congress leaders are stooping and why they need to be checked by the people, so that we can again have an India with independent institutions performing their duty in accordance with law and India emerging in the world as a top country wedded to the rule of law.

While some sections of the media might have compromised their independence, a vast section of the media did not do so. Even some of those in the former category realized their mistakes and redeemed themselves in connection with the fabricated CD.

I am hopeful that the Indian media would continue to perform its role of a watchdog against wrong doings and continue to serve the people of India.

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