July 26, 2021
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Lok Sabha

'Be Ready For A Third Wave Of Radicalization Among Muslim Youth'

The Lok Sabha member from Hyderabad warned of the above "if proper rehabilitation does not take place", while participating in a discussion on August 8, 2012 in the House on the recent Assam violence

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'Be Ready For A Third Wave Of Radicalization Among Muslim Youth'


Sir, the July 20th incident cannot be looked in isolation. What happened on 6th July and 19th July should also be looked into seriously because the immediate conclusion of the July 20th incident is not right. I charge the state government for completely failing in protecting the lives and properties of the non-Bodos living in the BTC areas. 

As a result of that, about five lakh non-Bodos — a majority of them were Muslims — are living in 200 and odd relief camps where there is no clean drinking water; children are sick and there is no proper ration being given to them. I say this because I have visited those places. 

I am giving an example of Kamadunga High School relief camp in Kokrajhar where there are 7700 people living. This school houses 400 students. Out of these people, 2980 are children. You may please mark my words that in the coming days, you will have waves of children dying in relief camps. So, my request to the government is that it should immediately strengthen the NHRM, immediately strengthen the ICDS. The sum of rupees 300 crore which the hon. Prime Minister has promised is peanuts. It is like what we say in Urdu —uuNth ke muNh meN ziira. 

So, I would request the government to increase it to Rs.2000 crore. Let the state Chief Minister and the health minister sit together in one room and see the internal differences. Let the people of Assam do not pay the price of their internal power struggle. That is one of the reasons.

The third point is about rehabilitation. Rehabilitation cannot happen. Why? It is because in the BTC areas, the Bodos are saying that they will not allow those people who do not have relevant property documents. As a result of this, what will happen to the labourers and the land tenants? This is a violation of Section 4 of the BTC MoU.

It is a violation of that. I would say that the central government should immediately ensure that the state government provides relief to the children in those camps. There are many pregnant women over there; provide safe drinking water. What is the point of a government functioning if it cannot provide safe and clean drinking water; if it cannot provide medicines over there?

I would conclude by saying that the BTC should be dissolved immediately. They have failed in protecting people living there. Scrap Bodoland Agreement. If you cannot scrap the Bodoland Agreement, please take away those areas where 50 percent of population is not Bodos.

Militant organizations like DNDSC have semi-automatic weapons. Why can’t the Assam government take up these weapons from them?

Election Commissioner, Shri H.S. Brahma has written an article. I would like to know from the august House, whether it is right for a Constitutional head to write such a poisonous article? Shri Brahma has written an article but he has written an article as a Bodo. How can these elections be conducted in a free and fair manner if an Election Commissioner is biased and prejudiced? This the central government must look into.

Lastly, I warn the central government; I warn the hon. members over here. … (Interruptions) If proper rehabilitation does not take place, you be ready for a third wave of radicalization among Muslim youth. … (Interruptions) You are not bringing it to the notice. … (Interruptions) I am bringing it to your notice. … (Interruptions)

Mr Advani talked about IMDT judgement. He is right. The biggest flaw in that Act was, it should have been applied to the whole of India. This is what the Supreme Court said. Mr. Advani deliberately had read those paragraphs of the Supreme Court judgement which suited his ideology. The Supreme Court said that it should apply to all over India; it should not be applied to Assam.

Next, 30 Tribunals are looking into these cases — all are foreigners. Let Mr. Advani go and file a complaint. Who is the foreigner? Let him do that. Why can’t he do that?

Lastly, Mr. Advani is fighting his war — internal party war through UPA. He is isolated. … (Interruptions) In conclusion, I once again urge upon the central government, please look into this. Mr. Advani, I am sorry, I am using your name. Through you, I would say that the population of Bangladesh, when Bangladesh was created, Muslims were three crore; Hindus were three crore. As of now, Muslims in Bangladesh are 13 crore; and Hindus in Bangladesh are 1.5 crore. Sea cannot swallow so many Hindus of Bangladesh! Where have they gone? This is the question I leave it to the wisdom of Mr. Advani.

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